From Mexico (and Canada) With Love: A Glorious Free Game

Title The colorful and humorous platform Guacamelee! Is offered free of charge for two days - and there is also a juicy discount for its sequel

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The last few weeks are Purim especially for those who like to receive free gifts - the Humble Store is proud to pamper us time after time in an attempt to gain some more positive recognition, and in the next two days This is the title of Metroidvania.

Guacamelee! Was originally launched in 2013 by a modest Canadian developer called DrinkBox Studios and earned an average score of 88 from 100 on the Metacritic platform, and in 2014 we also received the enhanced Super Turbo Championship Edition (also a wink to the countless versions of the Street Fighter series) Which is now being distributed to registered users and new registrants in the online gaming console of the Humble Bundle, Instead of the official price of 15 dollars.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Do you have a user? All it takes is to click - and get an activation code for the game on the platform Directly to your email. Quick and reasonably priced.

Their love? You will also purchase the The sequel to Guacamelee! 2 Which was launched last year (and also received very positive responses) assuming 64 percent of the recommended cost - with a cost tag of only $ 7.2. Be quick to take advantage of this deal and do not forget to share with your friends - gaming is fun!

Guacamelee! 2