GTA V lands on personal computers: big sales, performance and bugs

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Epic's crime-driving roxstar finally reaches the computer - read about its graphic performance, commercial success, official reviews and technical problems encountered by players

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After a year and a half of finger-biting, almost six months after she left The upgraded edition of the HD consoles, Even computer players can from yesterday enter the violent and cynical world, but colorful and amusing, of acting the last one. The crime-driving game that takes place in the fictional world but draws from the reality of Los Santos is considered a masterpiece or close to that on the Playstation and Xbox, not to mention a commercial hit on a scale few reach, with sales of more than 40 million copies; Release to Is a serious matter for Rockstar and the market in general. So how is the launch going so far?

Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that, unlike the GTA IV PC, which is considered a technically problematic conversion that presented unimpressive graphical performance, to say the least, the GTA V comes in a more polished mode and performance, both in terms of visual quality and the efficiency of the game engine, satisfactory. The bad news is that quite a few of the game purchasers have not been able to get into it, mainly because of bugs related to the game's external layers, such as the Social Club to manage the online profile of the Rockstar games. This is the main reason almost 2,400 reviews negative and nervous players On the game page in Steam (Next to almost 9,000 positive reviews).

Let's go over the main problems experienced by players in the new version of V, and the solutions offered to them.

  • The game can display an error message or hang up when installing, downloading the patch or activation, because of a user account for windows whose name contains special characters. To resolve this problem you will need to create a new user name with administrative privileges, consisting of the standard ABC and digits only. Complete instructions here.
  • If you receive error messages related to installing or running the Social Club, which is often a problematic part of the roxstar games, the developers recommend trying to reinstall the component after cleaning the Steam Cache and closing GTA V applications in Task Manager. Roxstar's full help document in Nido.
  • Other problems related to the onslaught on the game on its first day included difficulties in downloading the required updates and connecting to the online mode. With reduced stress on game servers, these issues are likely to be resolved.
  • As usual, to avoid problems with the graphics card, you should make sure that you are equipped with the latest drivers for it. Both NVIDIA and AMD have released new versions of their drivers to launch the game. NVIDIA promises "optimal performance with the GeForce Game Ready Driver," and this new version may also solve a problem running the game on portable NVIDIA processors (Download from here). AMD offers the 15.4 version of its Catalyst drivers, Optimized for GTA V, but note that this is still a beta version of the software (Download Map).


From here on it is possible to concentrate on the more positive aspects of the launch of GTA V to the computer, rather than lack of such. First, according to Steam Spy, Game sales at The 1.1 has gone through a million copies, a very impressive number for the first day. In the interpolation of the number to the entire market, including other digital stores and physical stores, Sunday sales of 2 to 3 can be estimated at one million copies. More accurate numbers will have to come later than NPD and Marstar.

The popularity of GTA V in the service of WALV is evident The usage statistics published in Steam, Where the game managed to squeeze into the first three, between Dota 2 and the evergreen Contre-Strike, scoring a record of 300,000 players simultaneously earlier in the night.


Another positive aspect, as mentioned, is game performance. The graphics on the PC version enjoy some significant upgrades to the current generation consoles, especially as regards the density of objects (which contribute to the game's visual richness), environmental effects, and greater visual range. Even with the upgrades, the game ran according to reports in a respectable way for affordable gaming computers. In Guru 3D performance tests, on a computer that is not limited by the central processor and at a high-to-very high level, the game runs at nice high resolution refresh rates from full HD, 1920 on 1200. Some examples of frame rate / second average: 88 frame / second on GTX 980, 83 frame / second in R9 290X, 68 frame / second in GTX 780, 46 frame / second on GTX 760, -42 Frame / Second on R9 270X and 37 Frame / Second on GTX 660. Check the full results of the test in Guru 3D.

For limitless performance pursuits, read about The Maximum PC test, Which examined how the game functions in maximum detail and resolution of 4K, on ​​a computer equipped with three cards Titan X.


Another good piece of news for the more creative computer players is the new tool that the game's roxstar has integrated, the Editor, which allows players to direct and edit video clips from the game. The developers asked the Eight-Bit Bastard channel to create a first video with the editor, to demonstrate the capabilities of the tool, and the result before you.

Another option open to computer players is to expand the selection of radio stations offered by the virtual world V - who grew up in another station in the " - on their own channels to be assembled from the private music collection. Here's a video about how to do it.

The PC version will also allow modim development. Rockstar reserves the right to take measures against Modes that it will not like, but in the past has not abused its copyright and allowed the community of moderators of IV is quite free in changing and expanding the game. It remains to be seen whether this situation will remain unchanged Is now more closely connected to online game mode Online.

As far as the professional critics are concerned, there have not yet been enough reviews to see if GTA V PC can register for him Metacritic The average score is as high as the console versions (average 97) - the average score on the Tends to be low in some points in most multi-platform games. Here, too, most of the negative reviews from players come from the technical frustrations of those who have not been able to remove the patch or complete the installation successfully.

Finally, if you are still looking for where and when to purchase the game, the following code - 24OFFA-TDEALZ-ONTAXM - is supposed to provide you with this Friday, the 17 in April, 24 discount on the recommended price (45 dollars and surplus instead of 60) At the Green Man Gaming store.