Games of the Week: GTA V lands on your computer, Mortal Kombat on your iPhone

תגובה אחת

The 10th Mortal Kombat, 5 for PC, a host of role-playing games and a magical musical adventure - all this and more in the section that brings you all the hottest games of the week for your computers, consoles and smart devices!

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The new play area will now be divided into two. In the first part - the computer games and console are expected to reach the market during the coming week. In the second part - new smartphone and tablet games launched last week with download links. And we'll start with the games for the big screen:

Mortal Kombat X - Fite!

The tenth main game In the series of beatings known for her passion for ultraviolence, this week comes out on a computer, PS4, (Later also to 360 and PS3). It is built on a similar basis to the previous game in the series, but adds new characters, multi-screen interactive battlefields in the style of Injustice: Gods Among Us, and a story that takes place decades later with older versions of the familiar heroes and villains - along with offspring of some of them. Each character is also available in three different variations, with changes in appearance and abilities based on its development over the years.

Mortal Kombat X

A unique mobile version of the game was released last week - read about it in the second part of the article.

Grand Theft Auto V - Ultimate Version?

You all know GTA V. After 2013 finally released the old consoles and finally 2014 for the HD consoles, Roxstar's latest crime-driving epic finally comes to the computer players as well. Changes to the new version? In addition to packing all the content of the online game released to the GTA V consoles, the PC version of the game supports a higher graphic detail, adds another radio station to the rich soundtrack as well, and includes a directing and editing tool In the game engine.


Speaking of Roxstar's favorite open-world games, the rumors are that she went on to her West, Dead Redemption, will be released soon, and this time, for the first time for the series, will also appear in a computer version.

Titan Souls - The shadow of the Colossus in large, flat pixels

It's a game that started out as a quick development of Game Jam, and has been nurturing for two years since a full game with slight graphics enhancements - while retaining the retro look. Think of him as Shadow of the Colossus Two-dimensional: Like the classic of Hero Souls explores ancient ruins and searches for the way to defeat giant bosses to rob the mystical power buried in their hearts.

This week, (And also Levita).

A short and focused week for gaming And a console. And now to the second part of the corner, new prominent games for smartphones:

Mortal Kombat X - phone version

Yes, and we will see more parallel launches in the future from big brands. The new version of the Mortal Kombat looks good, even if its fighting mechanism is simplistic in relation to the Big Brother, and includes a collection of cards (to open new characters) that will require anyone who does not want to pay to work properly.

- Download for iPhone (Free)
- Soon for Android

Dungeon Hero RPG - Sliding muddy concrete dungeons

Eliminating monsters, looting treasure chests, locating items And more advanced armor - Dungeon Hero includes all the basic things that random maze crawling is supposed to offer, from a first person perspective and in a light graphical style. Increasing your treasure piles will enable the opening of larger dungeons and more advanced crawling challenges, and the use of other types of characters.

- Download for iPhone (Free)
- Download to Android (Free)

Dungeon Hero RPG

Spirit Lords - Torchlight Lite

Here's another role-playing game, this time it's a combination of action roles like Diablo, or, taking into account the painting style, his young competitor Torchlight. Up to four players embark on a post-strike adventure against thousands of monsters, while Their offensive qualities from a selection of about 200 forces and abilities.

- Download for iPhone (Free)
- Download to Android (Free)

Attack the Light - Opuson roles of Cartoon Network

The last game of the week, promises. Attack the Light is based on the Steven Universe series, but does not require familiarity with it, only the affection for the typical humor of modern cartoon series. It is described by critics as one of the role-playing games with turn-based battles - the entertaining ones available on the phone, and does not include any micro-payment or micro-shadow.

- Download for iPhone (10.90 NIS)
- Download to Android (11.80 $)

Attack the Light

CivCrafter - Build an empire in a million clicks

CivCrafter comes from the popular creators of MonsterCrafter, and is one of those games that require the player to repeatedly click resources to collect them, recruit workers or build structures to help him collect them even faster, and generally run faster and faster and always stay a step or two behind the next target to reach. Absurdly described in the "Myth of Sisyphus" to Albert Camus, this endless work can be addictive and relaxing.

For those who are fed up with collecting such raw materials, CivCrafter requires more strategy than the average Genaro in building and upgrading decisions to move effectively towards a strong empire, and allows its players to test their power in wars against other peoples' empires on the Web.

- Download for iPhone (Free)
- Download to Android (Free)

Driver Speedboat Paradise - Celebrating the summer

Driver series has not been announced since Driver: San Francisco is quite successful, though Did not completely abandon her driving series - she decided to put the brand name on a new boat racing game for the smartphones, plus an unlikely plot in which the hero collaborates with the world's busiest undercover cop, John Tanner, to defeat the mafia by ... Boats. At least there are exotic places to visit and virtual homes and vehicles to purchase with virtual winnings.

- Download for iPhone (Free)
- Download to Android (Free)

Driver Speedboat Paradise

Adventures of Poco Eco - The Monument Valley of April 2015

Finally, a musical adventure in a surreal world that offers light thinking challenges, joy of discovery and especially a magical atmosphere. Give the soundtrack the respect it deserves with a quiet environment or .

- Download for iPhone (10.90 NIS)
- Download to Android (7.80 $)