Get lost in space for only one dollar: Steam weekend deals

The latest gaming platform to dive into the online world of The Elder Scrolls series for free, and build an empire in space for less than four shekels

If you have read our new Humble Bundle package, you are convinced, you have purchased it, yet you have stayed with the desire for a few more cheap games, and maybe even those that deal with our endless universe - Here to help you and meet the requirements.

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One of the most prominent suggestions over the weekend is to download and experiment with the title of online mass roles The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Free of charge, from now until this afternoon on Monday - is just right for those who are interested in something new to spend time with on the second holiday. Those who will be impressed will also be able to purchase permanent access to the online world at a discounted price of $ 10 instead of $ 30 Instead of 30 for the Gold Edition version, which includes four additional content packages).

The Elder Scrolls Online

In addition, the title of strategy and space exploration (from the popular 4X genre, known mainly for the challenging and massive Civilization series) Endless Space, Which was originally launched in 2012, is offered for purchase in a full package along with its expansion pack for only one dollar - which is a cost you should not miss out on with any interest, even minimal, in this addictive genre.

Endless Space

The title of the most successful theme park building that has been on the market since the days of the Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 at the beginning of the millennium, Planet Coaster launched at the end of last year, is offered for a one-third of 33.75 dollars, and alongside it the new and refreshing Lego Worlds construction game (featuring the well-known LEGO stones) In 20 $, the high-priced Project Highrise management and construction game with only a $ 10 tag, the new title title of Square Enix, named I am Setsuna, is offered at 24 $ and more.

Planet Coaster

Other low-cost games are Insurgency, which is sold at half price, just $ 5, the psychological horror title SOMA launched last year and now available for a third of the price of 10.2 dollars, the unique Valley action title offered at 8 dollars, the challenging and wonderful platform game Fez In 5 $, the Hard West Tactical Action game is a variation of XCOM that takes place in the Wild West era and is offered for 6 $ and the Betrayer, the action title and horror that can be yours for only one dollar.

Hard West

All the operations mentioned in the previous paragraphs will be available until Monday evening, the 17 in April, so use them wisely and optimally. Gaming is fun!