Golden opportunity: PlayStation 4 Pro at a reduced price

Days of Play Returning and Amazon gives us a slight discount for the top model of the Japanese gaming machine

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You still do not have 4 at home? Now you have a rare opportunity to get the most advanced model of the popular console at a lower than normal price - at least until the available inventory is over.

As part of Sony's Days of Play campaigns, which are also returning this year for the E3 exhibition The powerful PlayStation 4 Pro is offered In black and with color Of a terabyte at the price of 350 dollars, instead of 400 dollars most of the year - when the price received plus VAT and shipping is 471.12 dollars, with the potential to return an additional ten dollars from Amazon, which will reduce the price a little more.

A supportive console and- With a rare price drop - which will probably disappear quickly

Even without the refund in question, the final cost of 1,695 is NIS, compared to the price of NIS 1,900 or more for the console in Israel as part of personal import - and all that is required of you is a simple adapter from an American plug to a standard Israeli plug. It is definitely worth both those interested in upgrading and those interested in first purchase.

As part of the operations enterprise Additional DualShock 4 controllers can be purchased in seven different shades at the price of 49.65 USD, which is approximately NIS 180, as well as some exclusive large platform titles with a base of only $ 10 each. Other products for the relative distribution of shipping charges: Bloodborne, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, Infamous Second Son, The Last of Us Remastered and more.

Want another interesting colored beef? This too can be obtained at a significant discount

Including the PlayStation VR, the PlayStation Eye, and a pair of titles Sold in 329.36 Dollars, which are 1,180 and NISThe case includes a pair of games, PSVR, PS Eye, and a pair of compatible PlayStation Move controllers Available for $ 410.85, which is 1,470.

The PlayStation Classic mini-console Sold at $ 43.8 price including shipping - approximately NIS 160. Shopping and gaming are pleasant!