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Good games, great prices: Weekend Deals on Steam

Tropico series games, Hitman series games and many others await you with enticing prices for the coming days only

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Did you miss? We have another list of quality discounts at great discounts that are available within the platform Right now, until this Monday (the 28 in October). Fun gaming!

Monster Hunter: World Capcom's successful return to its lowest price - NIS 129.5, which is half the original price it is offered for most of the year.

The game of stress and fresh survival Blair Witch, Based on successful films from the early millennium, gets a price cut very early - and will cost you NIS 83.21 now.

Blair Witch

Tactical action game in turns Hard West Available in a tenth of its price, only NIS 7.39 or NIS 12.09 along with its Scars of Freedom expansion pack.

Hard West

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The awesome action, horror, and survival game of Dying Light never stops catching up and gets better after almost five years - this time with another successful Weapons-based zombie package, Left 4 Dead 2. The Dying Light in its updated version, along with Left 4 Dead 2 and together with the fresh weapons package You can now purchase together for a total price of NIS 63.64. Certainly equal to those who have not yet experienced this pair of addictive pieces.

As part of a discounts venture for the German distributor Kalypso Media, you will be able to purchase your favorite construction and management title Tropico 6 Launched about six months ago for NIS 132.96 instead of NIS 190.

Tropico 6

In addition, you can choose to purchase the Tropico 5 Complete Package, With all the various add-on content for it, at NIS 58.31 - or go all over the box with Complete Tropico Package Includes all six games and all the additional content created for them to date, all at a cost of NIS 269.73.

Another discount venture for all Danish IO Interactive Studio games will allow you to stock up In the completed Game of the Year version of Hitman's rebooted 2016 - Only for NIS 68.57.

The other past games of the famous Stealth and Assassination series Also available at a discount of 75 percent, With prices ranging from NIS 9.23 to NIS 18.46 per title - and also mention that they have the option to download and play free of charge in a pair of tasks from the brand's latest game, Hitman 2, And purchase the rest of the episodes if you like what you get.

The title of the strategy in turns Disciples 3 Offered at NIS 14.79 for an entire package along with its expansion.

Disciples 3: Renaissance

For dessert, those who were favorably impressed byThe Outer Worlds Guaranteed to be officially launched other hours ago, but would rather wait for its exclusive period at the Epic Store store before purchase - they can receive the Fallout: New Vegas In its place (from the same studio Ehud) for only NIS 13.49, or for NIS 25.49 For the full version with all DLC extensions.

Not enough? You can also purchase Fallout 3 in the complete and comprehensive Game of the Year version For NIS 28.04 - and the Fallout 4 in its Game of the Year version with all the added content In ILS 111.99.

Real time strategy game Sudden Strike 4 Sold for only NIS 22.18 in its base version - or NIS 65.3 for full version with four additional content packages.

Sudden Strike 4

The refreshing tactical action game Crookz, Which is unrecognizable, is offered at a minimal price of NIS 14.78 - and there is also a demo you can download to experiment before making the decision.

Complete package of the finest Dishonored games That combine action, roles and stealth - with the first episode, the second episode and the additional episode Death of the Outsider plus all the DLC supplements for NIS 137.99. Most lucrative for those who have not yet tried.

The ultimate version of the high quality Assetto Corsa racing title, With 11 added content packages, available in NIS 64.77 - the lowest price to date.

The latest basketball game NBA 2K20, Which, like its predecessors, evokes very mixed feelings among veteran fans due to the micro-payment mechanisms included in some of its game modes, is credited with a third price reduction in less than two months since launch - 150.71 NIS for the base version, 251.21 NIS for the Extended Legend version.

Real-time strategy game management Dungeons 3, Where you can help bad guys win, is sold at a very minimal price of NIS 29.99 - with additional discounts of between 40 percent and 50 percent for its worthy DLC content. also, A pack of three Dungeons series games and all DLC content launched for all three Available for NIS 127.16.

The challenging action game at a glance Helldivers Get a new big update under the name Dive Harder, and get a free trial for the next 24 hours - and at a price of 36.97, for those who love and decide to buy it for good. It is also possible to purchase the title together with all its supplemental content at half price, NIS 74.97.

Tactical retro-action game Door Kickers: Action Squad Available for a tiny price of NIS 20.78. As a bonus, you can buy the By the original Kickers, In another short style, with a price of only NIS 11.09.

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