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Great deals for the end of the year - even at EA and Ubisoft

More online gaming stores join the massive discount trend - just before 2020 comes to us

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After we announce you The best games on Steam וAt the Epic Games Store - It is time to also share the bargains that exist in the slightly more niche online stores, from two of the strongest distributors in the field. Enjoy!

In the Origin store from the EA Games distributor, we guarantee 75% discount, including for modern and up-to-date games - and if you decide it's time to renew you can grab 20 (for example) at half its full price, 29.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros.

Title of races Heat, which came to the stores just last month, cut nearly half the price to € 34.79, which is about NIS 135.


The prominent title-role title last year, Anthem, which continues to evolve and improve despite its problematic launch, has now sold for only € 11.99 - less than NIS 50.


The up-to-date and sleek Remastered version of the famous Burnout Paradise title can be yours for only a quarter of the price - only 4.99 euros, or 20 shekels in total.

The unique action, suspense and adventure game A Way Out, also last year, sold for € 11.99 instead of € 30 a day.

Battlefield V can be yours for € 15.99 for the base version - or for € 29.99 for the Year 2 version which includes all the content added to the title since its launch until now.

Click here to go to the complete promotional page on the Origin Store

Offers at the EA store will be available until the current weekend, January 2, 2020

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At the uPlay Store you will find different discounts for the company's major brands (Ubisoft) In the past and especially in the present - where the highlight is "Multiple Deals" that will allow you to receive a third product as a gift on the purchase of two products. This is another potential benefit of tens of euros and hundreds of shekels, depending on the creations you decide to add to your shopping cart.

The full and full version of the Watch_ Dogs 2 game, along with all the added content, is sold for € 30 which is about NIS 120.

A full and full version of the online racing title in the open world The Crew 2 will be yours for € 22.5, or NIS 87.

The full gold version of Assassin's Creed Origins is also offered at € 22.5 for all those who have not yet experienced one of the most successful works in this well-known and popular series.

The complete gold version of the action title 5 is available for € 22.5 - and if you decide to take the above together (The Crew 2, Assassin's Creed Origins and 5) You can enjoy a juicy discount of 22.5 euros and a final price of 45 euros, about NIS 180, for all three.

The final version of the future of building and managing the futuristic cities Anno 2205 is offered at a quarter of the original price - € 12.5 which is NIS 50.

Year 2205

The final version of the online action title The Division 2, released just nine months ago, will cost you 24 euros - instead of 120 euros (!) Originally.

The Division 2

The complete version, with all the content and additions over the years, for the successful action game and battles For Honor - will be yours at a price of 33 euros instead of 100 euros.

Click here to go to the complete promotional page on the uPlay Store

Really want to buy more than a single game within its discounts venture - and ready to provide a significant bonus to promote


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