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The new creators of Unreal Tournament: the biggest gaming and gaming news in the past week

New gameplay videos, official launch dates and other surprises have flooded us in these last and busy days

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The amount of interesting news from the gaming world these days It is simply great, so without any unnecessary introductions, please read Part Two in an article that will try to summarize all of you in a warm, comfortable place.

The creators of Unreal Tournament also jump on the MOBA cart

The year 2016 appears to be the year in which the action genre MOBA will emerge, thanks to the titles Like Overwatch's Blizzard, Battleborn's Gearbox And Cliff Belizinsky and Boss Key Productions LawBreakers. Now you can add another significant contender to this list of titles that allow you to select a unique 'Guru' and start eliminating your competitors under direct control (as opposed to RTS-like control over 'classic' MOBA crowns) - Paragon, from Home .

The new title will be based on the Unreal Engine 4 engine, also developed by Epic of course, and will be available on personal computers, 4, with preparations for early access paid during spring and express open to all summer 2016. magnificent? Unnecessary? It depends mainly on your relationship with online games of this style, probably.

Dark Souls 3 receives a final release date

Open Calendars and Register Before You - On April 12 2016 comes the third installment in a series that redefines the concept of 'challenging' - Darks Souls (and Demon's Souls before it, of course).

Dark Souls 3 Looks great thanks to the move to the new console generation, and as we've seen before, offers a much faster and more aggressive style of play, as well as more massive and crazier bosses than before - in this case a huge tree trying to stomp or settle on your character. We're definitely excited, and are you?

Final Fantasy 7 reinvents itself

As befitting a self-respecting central distributor, Square Enix is ​​currently engaged in the recycling and reconstruction of its great past games, to suit both veteran fans and young players. In this case, of course, it's Final Fantasy VII, as the most famous and successful chapter in his old role-playing game, Shremike Announced mid-year.

The first video game from its new version looks very impressive using the Unreal Engine 4 engine, and mainly because of what looks like a transition from a real-time 'ground-based combat' combat method in a style very similar to what we saw in the final Fantasy X video games.

Looks not bad at all - though according to the video it is clear that right now the 4 has a hard time dealing with all the effects at a normal frame rate

The only drawback that seems to be right now is that Sony has already announced that the remake will come in the format of a number of 'episodes' that will make up the whole - so the actors will have to wait longer to finish the plot, and will probably pay a higher total in the process.

Third generation of Ratchet & Clank

In early April 2016, About two weeks before the first film adaptation arrives Starring in the movie theaters, will also launch the first official game of Ratchet & Clank, the cat alien and the polite robot, 4.

The new title will simply be called Ratchet & Clank, and will actually re-create the original 2001 title - the 13 title in the series (if not including two titles for the mobile consoles) which became one of the most renowned for the console of . Here's a first play trailer, which certainly includes a nostalgic feeling for all the PS2 players here.

Return to Paris… as an eagle ?!

The new game of UBSoft Brings us back to Paris (after Unity), but in a way that no one seems to have expected. Eagle Flight is a new, VR that will allow players to fly in the spaces of the modern French capital - after its human inhabitants have abandoned it for an unknown reason, and nature is beginning to regain its territory.

We don't know what the purpose of this game will be (the general description mentions the need to fight other birds of prey), but hey - this looks like a virtual reality flight alternative to Ace Combat 7, for the pacifists among us.

A new and intriguing game from the creators of Ninja Gaiden

For dessert, we will introduce you to an intriguing new Japanese title that, for a change, is also intended for Western audiences - Ni-Oh, a new brand of Team Ninja development studio and distributor Tecmo, which centers on the ninja (blonde) story that attempts to eliminate demons in Japan of the century 16.

The title is exclusive to the As of now, and this is quite disappointing for all Between us - because, according to the trailer, it looks like a promising combination between Ninja Gaiden, the Onimusha games series and the Dark Souls series.


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