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Great news: Quantum Break game on its way to Steam and at a discounted price

One of the most impressive and advanced games in the market will stop being exclusive to 10 windows and the store of soon

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In April of this year, Quantum Break was launched, the new action game by the creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake, which combined a TV series between games - And reached the personal computers At the same time,, As one of the company's first sprouts Which decided to grant the A more significant status in the gaming world, along with its successful television console.

However, while the " Of the title received a very reasonable reception with an average score of 77 out of 100 from the critics and best-selling for a new brand in the current console generation - the computer version received a much colder reception, which is why it was exclusive to the 10 Windows system, and especially to the personal app store Which came with a variety of software limitations that made it difficult to play the game properly.

Microsoft has promised and provided A number of updates that have improved (relatively) over the past few months, but the disappointing annexation seems to have done its best - And the Quantum Break PC version Has only played a very small part of its potential target audience as a modern and well-established action game that includes some familiar Hollywood faces and also holds the most advanced game engine currently in existence.

The collectors' version of the game - offered at 40
The collector's version of the game - which will be offered to everyone for $ 10

Now comes Very positive news Quantum Break stops being exclusive to 10 windows and the UWP platform, and launches on 14 in September Also on the Steam platform Much more popular and physical version in stores (which will also be based on operating a road , But will also include several physical bonuses such as the soundtrack of the game, a book and a disk that documents his work, and more). In addition, all versions of the game will be offered for purchase at the official discounted price of 40 dollars, which undoubtedly winks much more than the price of 60 dollars with which it was introduced four months ago.


These are the system requirements for the new "free" version
These are the system requirements for the new "free" version

This means not only the source from which the title will be launched, but also its general support - the Steam version will support both the 11 and the 12, and therefore you can also run 7 and Windows 8 (only 64 bit versions) plus 10 windows, as well as hardware that supports DX12 partially. The updated version of Quantum Break will no doubt support a wider range of display resolutions and display rates (ie, And FreeSync), and it seems that the only question we still have is in the context of multi-card array support - something not supported by the Store included.

We hope that the Steam version will be able to provide better support and performance
Hopefully, Will be able to provide better support and performance

Are you now planning to experiment with Quantum Break, or is it a classic case of 'too little and too late'? Share us!


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  1. Nice to add support to DX11, this is the heaviest and most up-to-date title I know in the two years.
    And the windows shop I was absolutely horrified.

  2. His price in the sets will be the same as his price at a Windows Store - 40 dollars… for a few days now that's the price of the game.
    Besides supporting additional operating systems, will there be another difference between the versions?

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