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Starting the series from the middle - Halo: Reach reaches the PCs

Original story: All Halo games are upgraded and customized to allow them to reach their ultimate version of the world of - And it looks like we now have a deadline for a chapter to open this celebration

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Most of the big games of the current year have already been launched, but Microsoft may be planning another juicy surprise before moving on to the 2020 vintage - the Halo: Reach action title originally launched in 2010 for the consoles 360 has been added to the Digital Store In 10 windows, with a scheduled launch date of December 3 in about three weeks from the time of writing.

Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled something that would bring its stunning Halo: The Master Chief Collection package to PCs, allowing platform players to officially experience for the first time such works as Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach - though unlike the package's original launch approach on the consolesLaunch in the world You will be ranked and provide each title separately before the official union together.

Will the official announcement of the unveiled launch date come within a few hours? We will continue to monitor and update

Now, an official page for the Halo: Reach prequel game has been viewed in the Store In the 10 windows, essentially confirming the early promises that this will be the chapter that will begin the intriguing launch chain that will probably accompany us in the coming year (or more) - with a designated availability date of December 3 that now ignites enthusiasm among networking brand enthusiasts.

A small number of players have already been given the opportunity to try Halo: Reach on PCs for the first time - others will need to be patient

This is not a formal announcement of the launch date, and we have already met quite a few examples of estimated dates or incremental dates added in various locations as a temporary solution - but in the past we heard promises to launch Reach during 2019, and without reports of delays, this date appears to be early December Absolutely reasonable timing, when the game should arrive in parallel or even slightly before the consoles, As a free addition to those who have already purchased The Master Chief Collection (which has not included the game in question so far).

The official system requirements are some of the most modest we have seen for such a prominent game in 2019 - and in 2018 actually

Halo: Reach has had a number of closed exam stages for the PC version in recent weeks, and even received formal hardware requirements earlier this month that include somewhat modest specifications with RAM 8GB and GeForce GTX 770 or sample video cards RX 480 as the required threshold to run the game at resolution With an average display rate of 60 frames per second.

Excited for the possible launch, or maybe this is an example in case what you get is too little and too late? Share comments.

updating: We have a permit! As part of Microsoft's X019 event for enthusiasts We receive verification that Halo: Reach is ready and launched on the company's latest console and PCs in 3 in December, with support for 4K resolutions and 60 frame rate per second plus a host of graphical upgrades - and will also be available for purchase through the Store and way too in parallel.


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