Happy news: The Xbox One console is getting another cut in the price of HWzone

Happy news: The Xbox One console is getting another cut in price

Just before the miniaturized model comes, the initial price of the gaming console from home Descending to 250 USD only

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If you are still debating the best timing to purchase the latest Sony TV console - It may be the right time now.

In the company They declared On a price drop (seemingly temporary) to the base model, with Of 500GB, from 280 to USD 250. Not bad for a product launched just a little less than three years ago at the cost of 500 dollars.


All versions of the 500GB will be available at the promotional price - including those that come with the package with the title Gears of War: Ultimate Edition or with the title Quantum Break

This move comes only a few days before the shops will arrive officially The Xbox One S mini console And improved, with Of 2 terabytes and a recommended retail price of 400 USD.

Over the next few months we will also receive additional versions of the S, with volume Internal Terabytes and 500 gigabytes, which are allegedly offered at $ 350 and $ 300 respectively - so our main question about the console's "oil" model and its new price is whether it is preparing to continue with the compact models, or a kind of sale Elimination that will allow him to completely stop selling by the end of the year.


Buy now or wait for the new model, that's the big question

The price of the In Israel, it is already very short, and stands at a starting amount of NIS 1,150 (without the addition of a game) at a number of self-parallel import stores - but we still hope the new cut will help the price to shrink even more, to a three-digit number.


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