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Here are new players looking: The Division 2 for the lowest price to date

Ubisoft is preparing to launch a central expansion pack for its tactical and online title - cutting the base package price to an unprecedented level for just a few days

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The recent failure of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint launch late last year should bring widespread developer and distributor access (Ubisoft), aiming to give the audience more interesting and unique works - but in the meantime, everything seems to be running as usual, at least as part of other titles of the company that have already been launched. The Division 2, which landed a little less than a year ago, receives a first full expansion pack that will take you back to the positions of its successful predecessor - and the company is willing to do almost anything to convince you to give it a chance.

The Warlords of New York expansion pack will be launched on March 3, a year less than two weeks from the launch of The Division 2 itself, and Biobisoft is offering you a $ 3 or $ 3 ($ 11) battle for the base package, Only until Monday, February 17th.

60 euros less than a year ago - and only 3 euros now, just for a few days

While the discounted base pack will not allow you to enjoy the content of Warlords of New York, it can be a very good and lucrative base to experiment with the title in general - before deciding whether to invest in the rest of the content, if available at discounted prices as well: a package of The Division 2 with Warlords of New York will cost you $ 33 at the store Store, while the Ultimate Edition package that includes all the extra digital content created for the game this past year, plus the new extension, will be yours for $ 52.8 instead of $ 80.

The Division 2 also received quite a few complaints for being too similar to the original The Division when it was launched - will the expansion package that brings the plot back to New York streets prove the opposite?

Note that The Division 2 on its various versions is available as the official uPlay store model of Itself and the model shop - Although we recommend going for the second option, as its prices are cheaper and are charged to the Israeli public in shekels instead of euros. Nice gaming!

The ultimate goal of Is that you will fall in love and decide to invest the money in the expanded content packages - but of course you have the choice, when you can continue to enjoy the title even within a minimum investment of just over NIS 10

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