Hold on tight: Battlefield 1's open beta begins very soon

Want to come back in time 100 years and experience the greatest war the world has known until then from several different angles? At the end of the month it happens

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One of the main reasons for EA Games' greatest success last year, Battlefront, which has sold almost 15 a million copies to date, is considered to be its successful, polished open beta that came a few months before launch, helping millions of potential customers understand what it is exactly about and why they should invest in the title at their best.

This year, it seems that EA hopes that the tactic reconstruction will help them ensure that Battlefield 1, probably the most talked about action game for 2016, will have similar or even greater success - Beta tests are open Which will officially begin on Wednesday, the 31 in August 2016.

So far, the Battlefield 1 looks impressive and absolutely refreshing
So far, 1 looks impressive and absolutely refreshing

The beta will be available for the weekend on both consoles, And PlayStation 4, as well as personal PCs on the Origin platform (although integrated and cross-platform can not be played) The free Insider by next Sunday, the 21 in August, will have the chance to experience beta before everyone else - probably one day in front of everyone, although the exact timing has not yet been revealed.

Another thing not revealed is the recommended system requirements for the PC version of the intriguing title, although based on the surprising ability of Battlefront to operate properly on medium hardware - 1 will be able to look great and act almost on a system purchased in the past three or four years.

Will be able to honor the expectations and the great interest?
Will be able to honor the expectations and the great interest?

In the meantime, to increase our appetite for even a bit of old-fashioned action, the company is releasing a pair of up-to-date game videos, which show, among other things, the visible diversity of the various vehicles and transportation that will form part of the game. pleasant viewing!

Are you planning to be one of those who will queue up to experience 1 before all else, or would you prefer to wait for the formal launch and official reviews to decide on giving another experience to a brand that has experienced some (relative) disappointments in recent years?