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Do you have free time on Chol Hamoed? You are invited to take advantage of it to complete gaps in great games that you have not tried so far, at winking prices

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Spring has arrived, and with it we are getting another wave of reductions for digital titles of all kinds and kinds. So without wasting unnecessary time - these are the top offers available to you in online stores in the coming days. Enjoy!

Steam Week Deals Including the possibility to enjoy 2016's great start-up price of 65, while another violent and popular action game called Killing Floor 2 can be yours for a reduced price of 44.

Killing Floor 2

The blooming Tomb Raider launched in 2013 is sold in 11 only new shekels, with Rise of the Who continued the saga available for 74 new shekels.

The game of building and building the theme parks Planet Coaster is sold on 76 New Shekels.

Planet Coaster

The unique and successful platform game launched last year, Hollow Knight, sold for 37 new shekels.

The Destructive Action Title in the Open World Just Cause 3 can only be yours at a base price of only NIS 28.7, with the DLC package for which it is available for purchase in additional NIS 16.8 - plus Just Cause 2 (which many consider even better than the updated version) available Only 11 new shekels. Very worthwhile.

Another worthy action game in the open world, Sleeping Dogs in its Definitive Edition version, can be purchased at 16.6 New Israeli Shekels only.

Sleeping Dogs

In the spring sale in the uPlay store של You will find the 4 at the price of EUR 12, and Primal was the last in the brand until the launch of The fifth last week, for 20 Euro.

The online action title The Division is available for purchase at 15 Euros, Ghost Recon Wildlands is available at 20 Euros, The Battle For Honor title can be yours for 20 Euros as well - while the successful Assassin's Creed Origins is sold for 36 Euros.

For Honor

Dessert, At the GOG store You can get the Anomaly series games that combine real-time strategy with Tower Defense at a price of between $ 1 and 3 dollars for each of the five existing titles, the crazy Saints Row 4 in the full Game of the Century version for 5 dollars, the title of the online battleship Absolver Launched last year at 15 dollars, the action role-playing Vikings: Wolves of Midgard at 10 dollars, the tactical role-playing Satellite Reign at 5 dollars, the title of Shadow Warrior 2 for 20 dollars and many others - all without defenses Files of any kind, of course.


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