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EA's Hope: Official System Requirements for Star Wars Jedi - Fallen Order

With a massive volume requirement Dynamic that raised a lot of eyebrows and softened up - the new ambitious role-playing game in the Star Wars universe is on the final landing just before the official launch

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The EA Games distributor has one major launch of a brand new title, which is not part of an old brand that renews every year or two, in 2019 - and is fast approaching. This game is Jedi: Fallen Order to try to bring back the luxury of gaming that the brand enjoys somewhere in the 1990s and early 2000s - and now we know it will require quite advanced hardware to work and look its best.

The minimum threshold to run the title-action-adventure-title from the creators of the Titanfall series (and also Call of Duty series) will require an Intel Core i3-3220 dual-core processor or a hexagonal FX-6100 processor From the era of the bulldozer, dynamic memory of 8GB, GeForce GTX 650 graphics card or sample HD 7750 and volume 55GB Free on Drive - Reasonable Requirements Definitely any reasonable gaming computer built in the last five years should meet them.

Ready to start another journey to discover the inner Jedi forces? In a little less than a month this will happen

Recommended requirements for the best experience in Fallen Order are much tougher and include a Core i7-6700K square or Ryzen 7 1700 processor octagon along with a GeForce GTX 1070 card or card Vega 56 and 16GB's Dynamic - this is after a quick fix following an original announcement with no less than DRAM's 32GB requirement and generated negative echoes on the network.

Let's hope the title can reach maximum performance with 16GB's Dynamic - and this is not a fold that is intended to calm the gamers and will in effect create some unexpected bottleneck for some of the title's buyers.

After the cool reception of Battlefront 2, at EA are trying a new approach with a game that includes a single-player storytelling experience, no online gameplay modes, no real-money micro-transactions and even no plans for any DLC extensions - although those who make an early purchase of one of the game versions will receive some bonuses In the form of objects that affect the appearance of characters in the game. Can such an approach really succeed in the modern gaming world?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be launched in a month, November 15, for the consoles and the- And for the personal computers. Do you plan to purchase it and play it? Tell us in the comments.

updating: Fallen Order is officially gilded (which means that its main development is complete, and sent to mass duplication for physical media marketing as well as the network platforms on which it will be marketed), and at the same time we get several recent long video games from it, so that we can be impressed with the product as it is close to the final one Expected in the middle of next month. pleasant viewing!

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