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Horror and Cheap Survival: The Deals of Steam

This weekend you have the opportunity to experiment with The Crew 2 game at no cost - and also buy Capcom's games

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More days of recent deals from They came to us - and of course we concentrated on the best ones in one convenient place. Great shopping!

within Extensive promotions for Capcom's titles The Japanese can be obtained from the Resident Evil 2 Successful Remix Assuming 34 percent of its full price (189.42), the Resident Evil 7 Which is celebrated in half of its current price (72 NIS), the Resident Evil 6 At a price quarter (NIS 36 only, or NIS 43 To a complete version that includes all DLC content), The platform title and spectacular adventures Okami in its HD version At NIS 62.4 price, you Updated version of Devil May Cry 4 For 48 NIS, you The first three episodes of Devil May Cry At the price of NIS 95.04 and more.

Lovers of the genre of action and survival will be able to achieve SCUM, Which offers detailed and realistic gaming mechanisms in an almost unprecedented way - at a cost of NIS 49.55 instead of NIS 73.95.


The racing game in the world is open The Crew 2 Available at a large discount of 70 percent of its price for NIS XNUM for the standard version or 71.7 NIS for Gold Edition with additional DLC content - when you also have the ability to download the game and try it fully (via the client's uPlay client) , As in all modern titles) for the next two days.

The Crew 2

A strategy and management game that combines many elements of survival in extreme weather conditions Frost Punk Sold at a discount of 40 percent of its original price - NIS 66.57.

Another great up-to-date strategy game is sold at a big discount - this is it Northgard Which is based on Nordic mythology and will cost you NISNUMX instead of NIS 55.47.

For 40 years to create the Alien brand (or Alien, if you prefer) you can purchase the video games based on the series at bargain prices: Alien Isolation The Mufti is available in NIS 37.48 denominations as the basis or price of NIS 47.48 for a complete package containing seven DLC content Aliens Vs. Predator From 2010 at a minimum price of ILS 11.19 and Aliens Colonial Marines The controversial NIS 22.19 price for a whole package that includes all the added content.

Alien: isolation

Role-playing trilogy of the Risen series Along with all their DLC content is available at a total price of NIS 51.8 - with discounts of between 50 and 80 percent for each of the titles individually.

Isometric role playing Tyranny Offered at half price, NIS 55.47 - or at NIS 91.34 price For the full package Which includes the soundtrack and all DLC content.

The modest and friendly game of action Call of Juarez Gunslinger Sold at the price of NIS 22.38 - and at the price of NIS XSharp with the first game in the Call of Juarez series.

The violent and bleeding action game Prototype It is offered in a cost tag of 17.54 shekels, a quarter of the original price.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

The tactical action game Spec Ops: The Line Available in one-fifth of the price - NIS 22.19 only.

The dark and unique action game The Darkness 2 (The first never came to personal computers, unfortunately) available on 22.19 shekels.

The ultra-violent, crazy and controversial game Postal 2 Available for only NIS 3.69.

Action game Red Faction: Guerrilla in its new version Available for NIS 24.4 - or Along with all other classic Red Faction series games At a general price of ILS 56.23.

Faction Guerrilla: Re-Mars-tered Edition

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