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U-turn: EA Games returns its major games to Steam

The big American distributor decides to terminate the exclusivity of her creations for her personal Origin platform, and does not even rule out collaborations with the Continued

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The platform of Has been beating quite a bit lately, with its cheeky young competitor Epic Store managing to snatch quite a few big-name titles with high-end exclusive agreements and a lower share of overall sales - but the worst is already behind it, and now Valve's empire will succeed To go back to herself and prove to the filmmakers that she is the senior option in the field. In the meantime, it has one major repeat customer - EA Games, who will return to offer its latest offerings in the store's And in the in parallel.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Promising will be the first fresh game from developer and distributor to be launched on Steam alongside its launch in Origin in less than a week, followed by titles like FIFA 20, Unravel 2, The Sims 4 and V for service - when double availability is not only more convenient for consumers who prefer to group all the titles they own in the directory Theirs with all its social features, but will probably double their chance to see And discounts for them.

The first in line - followed by many more good ones, probably

EA is working on adding a possibility for a shared game between Origin players and players in, But make it clear that it is not possible to transfer between versions and also that it is not possible to play freely on the opposite platform after it has been purchased on a particular platform. Relatively disappointing, but we would be willing to accept these relative disadvantages for the increased flexibility and availability of games.

EA does not plan to abandon the In the foreseeable future, but probably concluded that it could increase its revenue by partnering with competitors

Apex Legends, EA's free online action hit, will be another title to be offered via the platform of - And be special in not requiring a dedicated Origin account and the EA Games repaired client on your computer system, but being able to operate fully through And its online services. This is another joyous and intriguing line, and who knows - maybe there will come a day when all EA's games can run on Disconnected from services That many gamers dislike today.

Apex Legends already has 70 million subscribers across all platforms, and that number may continue to grow rapidly in the near future

Changing this significant approach is not limited to, It seems, when a senior EA did not even cooperate with the online store Someday as part of an interview with him. As long as there are no other controversial exclusive deals going on behind the scenes, we will not object.

Is this also a collaboration that will soon become a reality?

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