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Hurry up and get a free game at GOG's online store

Last hours for the big winter promotions in the online store that offers all its games without file protections, and last orders to get the old and great title Giants: Citizen Kabuto free of charge and no obligation

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GOG Online Game Store Entered on the last day of its 2015 grandiose winter specials, during which all the different offers that have been exchanged over the last two weeks are repeated, and there is also a bonus - the action game from the third-world humorous third-party action Giants: Citizen Kabuto, completely free to all registered users.


About some of the juicy deals We told you a week ago, And they are all available again, as stated, until the afternoon tomorrow (Sunday). In addition, here are a few more deals that have caught our attention from the impressive list that includes very different discounts:

  • The Satellite Reign action game, a spiritual continuation of the innovative Syndicate titles from the early 1990s, is available for 18 Dollars.
  • The favorite Action-RPG game Victor Vran, from the developer who brought us the Tropico series, sells for only $ 10.
  • The classic and quality role plays Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin (in its renewed Enhanced Edition) are offered with price tags of 22.5 and 26.7 respectively.
  • The new space simulator is also accessible to less experienced players in the genre, Rebel , From the creators of And Torchlight, sold at 13.4 Dollars.
  • The great real-time strategy game World In Conflict, in its Complete Edition version, which also includes the expansion pack created for it, is offered at a funny price of just $ 2.5.
  • The famous Shovel Knight retro-platform game is sold at 10 Dollars.
  • The post-apocalyptic Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, in the upgraded Redux versions, are offered at a very affordable price of 5 each.
  • Role Playing Blackguards 2, a kind of Heroes of Might and Magic for the New Age, is offered at a large discount that costs only $ 7.
It's a fairly old game - but still quite funny and with very good fundamentals in gameplay, some of which we see are still being applied today. In a proposal without money, it is really not worth giving up
Certainly a veteran game - but still quite funny and with very good gameplay basics that some of which we see are implemented today. Offering no money - it's not worth giving up

To get Giants free, all that is required is to log in to your user on the platform (or subscribe to it, if you have not already done so), scroll through The front page Down until you get to the line of the game - clicking it will allow you to download it simply and easily. Enjoy!



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