Improved experience: The game that wants to be a repeat burnout

Improved experience: The game that wants to be a recurring Burnout

Danger Zone 2 gives you a reason to smash cars and do as much damage as one of the most beloved modes of the successful series 2

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Do you also find yourself missing out on the Burnout series, which was one of the lightest and most fun in the racing field somewhere a decade ago, during its heyday under no other than EA Games? Not at all sure we will see the brand name itself make a glowing comeback - but there are those who continue to dream of creating game-worthy spiritual heirs that have given you a good reason to smash your car and competitors' cars.

The developer of Three Fields Entertainment, created by some of the British Criterion studio graduates who developed Burnout, is now launching Danger Zone 2 in " (And the PSN in 4) - A modest game that requires you to smash vehicles in as many original and destructive ways as possible. The sequel to the first Danger Zone launched last year promises to offer a wider range of driving and crushing missions - this time on real roads, and not just inside some sort of bleak underground facility something like the previous episode.

A new game in the taste of old

Danger Zone 2 does not include a lot of content in it, and in fact matches one specific and beloved game mode called Crash Mode that was first introduced in the Burnout 3 game in 2004 - and its creators seem to be aware of that, with a slashed 74 price tag (or 20 dollars). There's another step in the right direction here, and who knows - maybe it brings us closer to the day when Three Fields will be ripe to create a complete and complete title that will remember everything Burnout did right and provide it to a new generation of And platforms.

It's time to tell that Three Fields Studio is already rolling out another new game called Dangerous Driving, slated to launch early next year and be a kind of spiritual successor to Burnout's main game modes: real races where crushing competitors into walls and vehicles heading in the opposite direction is an essential tactic on the road to victory. , And everything at dizzying speeds of course. It will be interesting - and keep your fingers crossed that it is also successful.

Danger Zone 2 has just been launched - but we already have another title waiting for it and getting interested in it


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