Sega got into trouble with the PC players

The nostalgic and successful platform game Sonic Mania reached PCs two weeks late - when it now turns out that this delay is not for polishing but for the addition of the protection of the - Which is being denounced

The new title, starring the famous Blue Hedgehog, was a huge success when it was launched for the first time two weeks ago,, God- 4 and the Switch - both from the critics and from the players, thanks to a nostalgic experience without compromising and without pretense that made us feel back to the mid-nineties, and the days when Sonic games were the most addictive and popular thing around. Then, with a delay of about two weeks, she got the PC version of the title.

Sega did not provide an official explanation of the delay in accessing the platform., But after this enactment came the supposed reason for it became suddenly apparent: Sonic Mania included the tough file protection of the company , Which did not exist in the various versions of the console (in which piracy is not as common and does not even exist in some cases).

'Is required to connect to the network and to - To play the game '- the property that was removed but managed to annoy the consumers

Kothari Many include Denuvo's defense, but this is usually not expressed (at least officially) by postponing the launch date just to add and test this mechanism - which led to a larger wave of complaints than usual in this case, all the more so because a mistake in definitions led to Sonic Mania Although launched with file protection requiring a connection to the platform (And company servers) to operate, even in non-online game modes. This bug in the application has been fixed quickly and now the game does work without the need for a permanent connection to the network, but the relative damage seems to have been done, and we once again see a lot of anger among some gamers about being treated as 'second class citizens'.

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The key to the game wins praise from wall to wall - its old distributor is a little less

Sonic Mania nevertheless enjoys a pretty positive welcome from users, with 73 percent of positive reviews B-, Although this figure would probably have been much higher had it not been for the front that Sega had opened, intentionally or not, against those who opposed the file protection system. Game creators have already stated that the choice to combine the In the title, it was not theirs, and now, according to the network discourse, there are quite a few users who are eager to see the various hacking groups on the net, overcoming the game's defenses at record speed and distributing it in a pirate and free way to all, only to prove to the distributor that the decision to delay the launch did not help her in any way.

Nostalgia beats the anger at delay and use of, But the last word may not have been said here

How about Sonic Mania on PCs? Let's tell us.