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Blizzard slaughters holy cow: Diablo no one has asked (updated)

2 Update: Blizzard's representatives are trying to mitigate the negative reactions and once again declare that they have several other Diablo-related cartridge projects being developed by several different teams - but after expecting fans in the code round, Immortal isn't sure the company will be able to provoke the same amount of interest again now.

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updating: The new argument among brand fans who are not really enthusiastic about creating the new mobile is that it is actually a new design for another mobile game of the Chinese developer NetEase, which has taken over the reins to create Immortal - so there is an attempt here to make a slight profit at the expense of the brand while minimizing financial investment.

Could it be? You are invited to view these comparison images between Immortal and a game called Crusaders of Light and judge for yourself.

Original article: The Blizzcon 2018 conference opens with one of the company's weirdest announcements - and one that is considered a slap in the face of Veterans in Diablo

Although it does not need to be shown, the Diablo series is one of the most successful games in the world of gaming, especially on the PC.

When the first title in the series came out with 1996, Blizzard was on the map as a serious game monster. The Diablo 2 game and its expansion at the end of the millennium turned the series into a gilt and drew end-to-end praise. Diablo was set as the perfect standard for ARPG games and the rest wanted to be like him.

After 12 years of waiting that looked like an eternity, the 3 Diablo released until now remains one of the most controversial games in the gaming world. Although it was short of record sales, many things prevented it from being the promised game, simply because, among other things, some of the promises were not realized (such as the PVP system, a battle between players).

With the expansions, the patches and the years, the 3 was definitely a good game, although a big scar still remained on the skin of the old Dablo players who remember the experience in a very different way. Released on 2012, improved on 2014 with expansion and since then the game experience is quite similar. The Diablo players remained hungry, very hungry. They want the best again.

After increasing the excitement of Diablo players, it seems that this year we may get a serious announcement on the subject, and finally we can count the time back to the moment when we play the next big diablo. There is no doubt that Blizzard's team is working very hard on the next big diablo, we know this from the dozens of draft ads that have been rising and falling over the past year in Blizzard's necessary section.

The decision is… courageous

Meanwhile, Blizzard decided to do something he would not do and gave permission to build a Diablo for Mobile game. Yes Yes, Android and. So far the game has been reserved for the most devout computer players and now except for the 3 Diablo, which is also being sent to the consoles, only the Diablo game is going for mobile. Third-party studio got Blizzard the baton for the game Immortal.

The trailer for the mobile game looks good, because if there's one thing Blizzard knows how to do, the promotion videos are invested from the highest level.

The game video also looks pretty good, some will say that at least graphically it looks impressive compared to Diablo 3. True, we must not forget that this is a game for smartphones, and the interfaces will be compatible. Mobile games will also suffer from lack of game diversity, real money progress and other diseases we will not know.

The audience's reactions were not long in coming. The Diablo community has unanimously decided that it rejects the strange new title entirely and that it feels like a loud slap to those who have been waiting for the title Diablo for many years. The ratio of likes to dislikes shows this, too, in Radit, both in the official forum and on YouTube. There is no doubt that the barbarians at the gates are not happy at all.

This game was released to Android and In a few months, and at Blizzard continue to work on the next big diablo title, although now the excitement and anticipation have been hurt some will say badly from this PR disaster called his Immortal.

Blizzard chose in advance to place a long time for questions and answers from the audience during the exhibition and this time significantly shortened after the audience attack with questions cynical or serious about this puzzling decision.

What do you think about this bizarre announcement, is giving a mobile game to a hungry audience for a computer game the right decision? Will you play in Immortal?

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