In search of new players: Black Ops 4's Royal Black Opel is available for free for a week • HWzone

In search of new players: Black Ops 4's Royal Black is available for free for a week

Title The most recent action of Opens the first introductory week of its kind in this incarnation

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Series Turned to a new and somewhat courageous direction at the end of last year, with the disappearance of the single-player game mode for emphasis on online game modes and the requirement to connect to the company's servers at any time, which even helped the new chapter avoid the reach of piracy groups so far - but is this an economic choice Successful? The current move by the distributor may indicate a negative answer.

The Battle Royale is the central innovation of the new episode of the never-ending Blackout series, with battles involving 100 players at once (individuals or teams of up to four) and spread across a huge map that includes a wide range of vehicles - quite reminiscent of the PUBG and Fortnite or even the series But different in essence from the well-known game modes of my games Previously.

A free "generous" experience for a whole week indicates trouble in maintaining a large and varied audience of actors in the title that was officially launched just over three months ago?

Now, at Activision Offer a download and free trial on Blackout To anyone interested in it - from now until this Thursday, on 24 in January, both on personal computers and on- and the- 4.

Another significant change in Black Ops 4 is availability through Blizzard's platform (unified with Activision), not available at Steam's store or any other source in the PC world - so you'll need to download and install the dedicated application To enjoy the free Blackout exam week. Their love? Can be purchased The base version of the title at a reduced cost of 40 EUR, compared to the EUR 60 originally.

Did you love them very much? There are also comprehensive versions of the price of up to EUR 110 that can be purchased - and this without mentioning the huge amounts that can be "invested" for improvements and visual supplements in the store built into the game itself


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