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Steam celebrates the exposure of Mortal Kombat 11

The next violent and bleeding episode in the series of battle games is approaching - with very significant discounts on the titles of the past

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This coming April will provide us In addition to Mortal Kombat, the legendary brand from Ed Boone and his friends, which is approaching the third decade of its existence with the main chapter 11 (not including several spin-offs of different genres), and the third since the successful 2011 plot renaming The stage and turned it into gods from time to time.

The actual existence of the future game was first revealed at the end of last year, but the actual gameplay has only just arrived - through a large number of gameplay videos that include a whole new pair of characters along with a pinch of names and faces well known from 25 fighters that should form the basis of the updated piece, Which continues where Mortal Kombal X has ended. If you belong to the fans of the series you will find here much to love, and if not - prepare to be slightly shocked by a game that certainly does not spare blood and painful sights.

Mortal Kombat 11 is designed to reach the current generation consoles of Sony and Microsoft, PCs and even Switch's 23 in April 2019 - with a promise of significant investment in the Which will avoid the many technical problems that accompanied the launch of the previous chapter on the platform. Let's hope so.

If the new version made you feel nostalgic for the series - At Steam's online store The Mortar Kombat: Komplete Edition, which is the improved and comprehensive version of the ninth installment of 2011, is available for only NIS 18.48, and next to it Mortal Kombat X is sold on 25.14 NIS, or at the price tag of 33.28 NIS Mortal Kombat XL version updated and expanded.

The genre of competitive competition games is undoubtedly experiencing a new flowering in the present era - even without reinventing itself every time

Enjoy - and do not forget to tell us what you think about the new incarnation in reactions!


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  1. This game does not really excite me, it reminds me too much of Injects. But what I find most frustrating is that they replaced Scorpion's skipper. Such a stupid move on their part.

  2. So what, the ninja turtles of the 80-90 in the Hebrew version replaced Bibo's dubber and it actually did well for the series.

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