Introducing the Nintendo Switch Lite - Is It Worth Buying It?

Nintendo surprised us with a cheaper and portable version of its successful console that will be able to run most of her sister's greatest hits

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For several months now, the network has been full of rumors that Nintendo is working on two new versions of the Switch, a cheaper version of Pro. So on a stronger version we have not heard yet, but last week Has officially announced the Switch Lite, a cheap and quite different version of the standard switch.

So what are the differences between the two versions, and is the new console at all suitable for you? The details are before you.

The first and most important thing you should know about the Switch Lite is that it is a portable console only. It is no longer quite suitable for its name "Switch" if you think about it. What this means is that it comes without a docking station and can not be connected to the original console position - it just will not work. You will not be able to purchase another accessory instead. As mentioned, it can be played only in the situation And it is no longer possible to enjoy increased performance in connection to an external device.

This is because the LITE processor is a weaker and more cost-effective version. It does allow, do not worry, enjoy them Just as you would get in mobile mode, but can not give the extra power needed to double the resolution or give more frames per second, even if you find a way to connect the device to a docking station.

To match the Lite to be a device More, the screen was reduced from 6.2 to "5.5" size and the weight of the console dropped significantly from 400 to 270, making it easy to hold it in the hands for a long time. For the resolution it remains 720P, so the picture in the theory will look sharper (which makes up for the smaller screen), but there may be some problem reading texts, which will feel even smaller.

Another change is that the joys do not come with a vibration mechanism and motion detection and in fact do not disconnect from the console. Yup, Switch Lite are part of the device's body and can not be removed or replaced. The implications of this change are quite significant in truth.

For example, one of the Switch's points of sale was the fact that you can invite friends to play with you easily wherever you are, without having to carry any other equipment with you, simply by disconnecting the joys, each with a separate sign.
Second, there are several games whose games are based on the mechanism of movement of the joikons. If we even ignore games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, where it's just a feature you can turn off and live without, Let's Go Pikachu is a part of the experience. And games like 1-2-Switch are mandatory.

Nintendo did not ignore this problem completely, and also allow the connection via Bluetooth Jawikons can be purchased separately. The problem is that just like all original game controllers today, they are not really a cheap accessory.

Also in this context, apparently because the Lite is marketed as a portable console only, it no longer has the small stand on the back of the device that allows it to be placed on the table. If you've already spent more money on joysticks and want to play with a friend, you'll need to improvise to put the device up.

So far I have listed some changes that put the new console at a disadvantage compared to its older sister, but it also has some advantages.

The battery's battery time is better, for example, allowing you to play more time without charging. In the original console the battery time was between 2.5 and 6 hours of play, depending on the graphics complexity of the game being played. In Switch Lite, however, the declared battery time is 3 to 7 hours.

Also, since the mornings are no longer disconnected, now the left side of the device has normal arrow keys, not the weird one that was there before. This is not a really critical change, but it certainly adds comfort.

And most importantly the price - the price of the console will be about 200 $, meaning 100 $ less than the original switch.

So given all that I mentioned earlier, who does this console fit? Well, Nintado has always been an expert on mobile consoles, and has created a market for Who consume their games on the road, so this is not as strange as many people think.

It is designed for people who do not have time to play at home, or simply prefer to play only in mobile mode. This is even a cheaper option to buy for children. Since the console is designed to be mobile only, it is more durable, compact and less considerate, so it is definitely ideal to take you from place to place.

The new LITE processor promises more time And less heat emitted from the device and still maintains , So even so the Lite supports all of the Switch's gaming line (as we said except for games that require the original controllers that come with a motion sensor, which you will have to pay separately if you want to play these games anyway).

This is reminiscent of the 2DS when the 3DS was at its peak. A cheaper version for people who do not need all the features around and want to pay as little as possible to play games, such as people who buy Just to play in Pokemon, and you'll be surprised how many people there are.

In any case, the new console will arrive at the shelves in September in three bright and beautiful colors (yellow, turquoise and gray), and there is also another version designed in honor of the departure of the new pokemon games, Sword & Shield.

So what do you think of this cute new mobile console? Let's talk about it with everyone in the comments.