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Is there a chance that Microsoft will acquire EA Games for 40 billion?

A new and particularly juicy rumor predicts a huge deal that will enable the manufacturer of the " Offer more exclusive quality titles to potential buyers

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Wishful thinking alone, or perhaps a prophecy that would still fulfill itself? Polygon site Provided a report Which is based on an anonymous internal source and states that Microsoft is considering the possibility of acquiring one of the largest gaming distributors in the market, EA Games American, in order to improve the supply of exclusive titles for the consoles, - who find themselves at a significant disadvantage in this aspect compared to the existing selection with the bitter opponent .

Microsoft, of course, has its well-known home brands, Halo, Gears of War and Forza mainly, but these are not necessarily in the middle of things, 360, and together with the closing of studios Like Lionhead, Ensemble and FASA that prevented the creation of titles and new series - senior executives also had to publicly admit that they were in a content problem, whose solution would not be immediate but gradual and properly planned.

Admits that it has a content quality challenge - but has not yet revealed its idea for a solution, and that is what gives birth to estimates and prophecies like the one before you

Microsoft executives have announced that the acquisition of new development studios may be part of the solution to enrich the content, (And perhaps in the service of the In windows 10), when the purchase of May sound like the most grandiose move that the giant technology company may make, mainly because of the relative cooperation already existing between the two.

EA is a company that won't be cheap to buy or take over - even for a monster like Microsoft

There are quite a few voices on the Net declaring that such a transaction is not reasonable at all and even stupid, but we would not be in a hurry to rule out the possibility, given the range of unexpected and unexpected acquisitions And of companies Others) that have already occurred in the past. One thing is for sure - such a deal would be one of the most grandiose in the entire world, and in the gaming field in particular, if you consider the The share market value of 40 is currently $ 1 billion, and purchases are usually made as part of a relatively high premium payment of tens of percent.

Even if it looks like a purchase deal, it's hard to believe that EA's long-standing brands will become exclusive to the console - but we can certainly see the creation of new titles and brands that are fully exclusive

Will the desire to improve its gaming offerings justify the biggest takeover deal in Microsoft's history? We'll see.

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