Another possibility: The Cuphead game has crossed a sales threshold of one million units

Without file protection of And with competitive pricing, the stylish indie title seems like a huge hit

On days when it comes up again The question of the usefulness of using file protection mechanisms Which may be more disruptive to legitimate users who pay than those who obtain a pirated version of that title - the success of games such as Cuphead is undoubtedly a significant boost to those who strongly oppose the phenomenon.

The ambitious Indie title Of a modest Canadian development studio called StudioMDHR, which was founded in 2013 by two brothers and includes a remote and online team, was originally presented in 2014 with a unique style in the style of the beginning of the last century and a promise of uncompromising difficulty. Its launch was delayed several times - and finally reached the end of last month for the Steam platform (and for the GOG Microsoft Windows Store 10), Equipped with a price tag of 20 dollars and without file protection - and virtually no additional file protection beyond what Wlave and Microsoft offer for their stores.

It is always pleasant to hear about a surprising and great success for a modest work in which passion and love for the field were far greater than material resources

Like any title without significant file protections, the PChead version of Cuphead was released within a few hours of launch and distributed to free pirated downloaders - which would likely disrupt any chance of significant commercial success. Fortunately, Official announcement The company's website proves that the reality can not be any different: with an impressive average 89 review from 100 and an even more astonishing 96 percentage of positive reviews on XNUMX, (Based on over 10,000 users), Cuphead crossed a sales threshold of one million copies in just two weeks and was very much for sale.

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This is an impressive figure that even large distributors would be proud of - even more so for an indie developer for whom the first product and its full team includes 30 employees. The announcement did not specify the scope of sales on each platform, however According to the data Of the SteamSpy version of the Cuphead now benefits from 550,000 to 600,000 users - that is, more than half of the sales volume comes from the category where the same game is available for download freely free of charge, more or less from the first moment.

Can you succeed even without 'help' from draconian file protections? At least in some cases, there is no doubt that the answer is positive

There is no doubt that we will continue to hear about Cuphead's successes in the near future, and that this refreshing and resounding title deserves every bit of it. Now it remains to be seen whether there is indeed any change in the industry's investment in quality and refinement at the expense of investing in new defensive walls. what do you think? Let's share your comments.