It was fast: the hole in Denuvo was fixed, and the games again protected against the pirates

Less than three days after being exposed and presented, the breach that damaged advanced file protection technology was closed. Or maybe not

One of the greatest surprises of the past few days was the announcement of a Bulgarian guy named Voksi for finding a relatively simple way Overcome the mechanisms of the Austrian file protection system Denuvo - which resulted in many cries of joy and joy among supporters of piracy on the network, and the adaptation of the ability to run at least seven titles have been successfully protected so far, including high profile games such as Doom, Just Cause 3 and Total War: Warhammer and new Indie games like Inside and Abzu.

However, it seems that the celebrations were a bit premature - following various reports that appeared on the network, Voksi himself issued an official announcement that a program update brought about the closing of the breach he found and was saved. The cracker claimed that more than half a million users were able to experiment freely with paid titles, which in his view is nevertheless a great victory of the "small consumer" over the massive financial entities of the gaming world.

Voksi's announcement about the end of the celebration, for now
Voksi's announcement about the end of the celebration, for now

Some of the users who managed to activate the Denuvo- Who speak in advance report that they can continue to play pirated in various titles and offer their theories and methods to exhaust the mechanism, but it seems that this is something that will soon disappear and - Will return to being the terror of the fans of the torrents, and the great blessing of the creators of the games - at least until the next brilliance, which may have already reached us.

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Parallel to the declaration we discussed in the previous paragraphs, there were reports on the Internet that the Rise of the Game , Which is also protected in the hands of , Has been fully and truly "compromised" by a group called the Conspir4cy - and although it is too early to jump to conclusions, the next stage in the never-ending contest between pirates and file and rights defenders may have begun, with or without consolidation and assistance from Mr. Voksi's previous discovery; We will continue to monitor developments.

Network users are already viewing a protected game Which operates by means of "standard" hacking - is this a new precedent?