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Just before it runs out: More great game offers at Humble Store (updated)

updating: Please note, there are about ten hours of 'Encore' left over which will be available for all of the past two weeks at the Humble Store - a last chance to take a look at our offerings and store offers in general, and decide whether to pamper yourself with a game or two for the holidays. Enjoy!

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Original Article: The end of the summer in the online games store was definitely on its last day, so we decided to blow up with another ten prices They are sure to give you quality time during the holidays

The last ten hours of game operations remain in the online store of the creators of the ", Which is also based on the donation of a portion of any amount paid to charities around the world. So if you are missing out on proper games - here is a list of ten hot recommendations from us:

  • Faster Than Light, the challenging space indie game with minimal fuzzy graphics that creates stress and stress that you will not find in games that have cost tens of millions of dollars, available for 2.5 dollars
  • Quantum Conundrum, a humorous puzzle game that will appeal to physics lovers (and thinking, in general) among you, for 2.25 dollars only
  • Beyond Good & Evil, one of the best platform-adventure games ever created for $ 2.5 - a must-have for anyone
  • Grow Home, a nice and up-to-date platform game where you will try to help the robot save the planet from which it comes, at the price of 3.2 dollars
  • Space Hulk: Ascention Edition, the wall-to-wall action game I tested last year, available for half its original price - $ 15
  • Package that includes all Thief series games and all content packages produced for them, including the fourth rebooted episode of 2014 - for only $ 11.25
  • If you haven't tried yet because the original price was definitely excessive - you can now get Heroes of Might and Magic 3 in its HD version, at a much more reasonable price of $ 3.75
  • The two unique strategy games that did not get enough credit at the time, Battlestations: Midway and Battlestations: Pacific, in one package costing only $ 3
  • The cool action-platform game launched just a few months ago, Guns, Gore and Cannoli, is available for purchase with a price tag of 6.7 dollars
  • Styx's favorite action-stealth game: Master of Shadows, also launched just a few months ago, is available for a quarter of its original price - $ 7.5
Battlestation: Pacific is a strategy game where you control your war tools directly, not just looking at - and for a funny price of 3 dollars, you should give it a chance
Battlestations: Pacific is a strategy game where you control your warships directly, and not just at a glance - and for a hilarious $ 3 price, you should give it a chance

Note that all offers will end today (11 in September) at 22: 00 clock - If you found something that impressed you favorably, take the opportunity before it ends. Enjoy!

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