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A moment before the end: more great game deals at Steam

Two days before the Gaming Store's big summer promotions end - you have one last chance to get a great deal at a low price

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Still have some money available, plus the desire to enrich the digital library in your Steam account? You only have two days to go And enjoy the summer operations of the big gaming store - And we're here to help you, of course. Pleasant shopping.

The Awesome Survival Game The Early Forest, released from the Early Access program and launched a few months ago, is offered at a discount of 49.54.

Divinity: Original Sin, arguably one of the best role-playing games of the present era, is sold in the upgraded version of the upgraded version of 44.98, with dozens of promises and perhaps hundreds of exciting hours of play.

Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

The Bet-Seda horror action game, The Evil Within 2, which is an important improvement over its predecessor, can be purchased for 102.

The unique Frostpunk management and survival game, launched with great praise just a few months ago, can be yours for 94.3 New Shekels.

Frost Punk

The title of the celebrated and outstanding action Bayonetta, Last year finally, sold at a bargain price of 28.2 new shekels.

The wet dream of any avid hardware enthusiast, Building Simulator You may build the most sophisticated dream system without getting out of the chair, sold at a slightly reduced price of 62.85.

Building Simulator

Title Tekken 7, which won a high quality PC version, is only available at 40 per cent of its original price, 70.8.

House Flipper, the surprising hit that will allow you to renovate (and destroy) houses as you please, available at the price of 59.16 new shekels.

House Flipper

The massive action title Shadow of War, which has become even more successful with the cancellation of its micro-transaction system aimed at further large purchases of real money, is available at a third of the price - NIS 76.48.

The full-length Metal Gear Solid 5 is sold at a very low price of 52.5, making it even more recommended than ever before.

Red Faction: Guerilla is a great classic that allows you to break and blow almost everything on the Martian surface, which is only now launched in a modern version under the name ReMARStered Edition, available at half of the recommended price, 36.97.

Faction: Guerilla - ReMARStered Edition

In conclusion, you can purchase the full package of games , With Portal, Half-Life and Counter Strike, at a total price of 56.47. New Shekels for 19 Various titles, large and small. Enjoy!

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