Just in time for the coming of the next generation: FIFA 17 has also succumbed to Pirates • HWzone

Just in time for the arrival of the next generation: FIFA 17 also surrendered to pirates

The momentum in the fight against file-protection technologies continues, as is the popular football game Is suddenly distributed across the network

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If until a few months ago there was still a question about the prospect of The video games disappear from the net completely, now it seems that the main question is whether there are still titles that have not yet been hacked and distributed freely to all interested parties.

A long sequence of recent titles that have succumbed to new pirate groups that have emerged with tools and methods to cope with the infamous technologies of the notorious Denuvo Company now reaches another significant milestone - 17 (the latest in one of the best selling and most successful gaming series of all time) was hacked, after about 10 months in the stores and two months before the release of 18

The public announcement of the new breakthrough, which joins a lot of other games with defenses (And other protections, such as the Origin platform) that have been pirated on the Web in recent weeks

FIFA 17 has been hacked by a group called Steampunks, which started operating just a few months ago and stated that it has the technology to create authentication keys that are actually identical to legitimate keys to the internal defense mechanism , Which apparently allows the break of most titles in a short time and without running the range of traps that are often waiting for different test points within the different game modes of the title.

Do as well The future 18 is in danger, or until then we will see A new one that will guarantee the developer and distributor a few months of industrial quiet?

We do not know what will be the next way for And for game developers interested in effective defense of their property and their works, but now there is no argument that a fundamental and significant change will be needed to return the ball to half of their pitch and to return the expert burglars to the question "Can DRM be beat" instead of " When it will be carried out "as is happening in the present era.

If its leading sports game is not enough - There is also a headache in the form of a pirated hacking of the Titanfall 2 action title, which came almost parallel to the first one


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  1. Those who succeed in causing damage to this disgusting society deserve the Nobel Prize. Not just an EA was voted the most hated company in America two years in a row. All its games are full of so many bugs and every year their games get worse and worse as they spend their thousands of dollars on their multi-game games

  2. דרך אגב גם Titanfall 2 נפרץ.
    כרגע כל המשחקים של EA נפרצו

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