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Just this week: package strategy games at a great price

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The online stores continue to provide us with opportunities to renew our games at funny prices, this time a strategy game of various types and worlds - in real time and in theory, from distant space, from history and fantasy.

The Humble Strategy Bundle Divided as usually into three stages - a one-dollar fee will provide the games Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Space in its full version and the unique Planetary Annihilation Titans.

Planetary Annihilation: Titans

Payment of $ 7.06 or more will also give access to Endless Legend, along with its expansion pack Tempest, as well as the complete package of the Empire: Total War game belonging to the immortal series. In addition, it will be possible to purchase the Total War: Warhammer at the Humble Store at a discount of 66 per cent of 20 Dollar - So far.

Endless Legend

The payment of 12 dollars will complement the package with Endless Space 2 games and the game strategy in the Tooth and Tail theories - a very impressive offer at a total price of approximately NIS 45.

Tooth and Tail

The games are all available through the Steam platform for PCs MacOS users, and three of them support distribution . Have you already purchased? Let's update your comments.


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  1. Just a question related to the comment in the end, can you run any game on Linux with dedicated patches or software?

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