One of the best games of PS4 for 2019 is also coming to PCs • HWzone

One of the best games of the PS4 for 2019 also comes on PCs

Original Story: Death Stranding, the new creation of the man's feverish mind that brought us Metal Gear Solid, will abandon the absolute exclusivity of the console of next year

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Hido Kojima is by far one of the most unique people in the gaming world and he has proven this successfully once again in recent years, after leaving Konami after many years (in a negotiated conflict) and leaving his baby, the Metal Gear Solid series. This proof comes from his new and ambitious creation Death Stranding, which seems increasingly strange and interesting with every piece of information and new video we receive.

The new title plot is still shrouded in mystery, but it incorporates elements of stealth, espionage, survival, action, open world exploration, resource management, driving and more, with a rather serious face. Along with them you will get delusional elements such as the ability to dress the protagonist (played by actor Norman Reedus, starring in The Walking Dead series) in a variety of ornate clothing, float in water like beaver, sip branded energy drinks, load comic and excessive crates On the back and even meet a virtual version of none other than Conan O'Brien. Why? Just like that - and it has always been the secret of magic in Kojima's games.

An impressive and dangerous open world awaits you to investigate it

Death Stranding is one of the most talked about 2019 games for The PlayStation 4, and will certainly help to further boost Monstrous's sales volume from Sony - but we are now officially confirmed that its PCs will also be able to enjoy its strange plot and games, with a planned launch for the 2020 platform that will conclude the exclusive -.

This game can be weird. Very strange - and we wouldn't expect anything else from the Kojima video

Sony itself might prefer this announcement to come only after a few weeks or months when Death Stranding is sold as an exclusive product for them, but Kojima and his people seem to have opted to increase the buzz around the product just before landing on store shelves, now even for those who don't (Or one purchase plans) There is a good reason to be interested in comments and reviews.

The gospel - for PC people mainly, and a little less for the fans The big ones who probably hoped to keep this exclusive title for themselves for a longer period of time

Death Stranding Launches November 8 for Consoles 4, and will be coming to the PCs next summer as well. Let's hope it looks more like the wonderful Metal Gear Solid 5 - and less the awful Metal Gear Survive that came after Kojima's departure.

updating: The official reviews of the game went online six days before launch - and with a fairly high quality score of 84 from 100 Based on more than 70 differing opinions on the Metacritic website, he seems to live up to the expectations of the majority, even if there are some who have been quite unimpressed with the willingness of the work to "preach" to those who play it on a variety of topics.

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