Latest hours: A pair of great free games

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Psychological horror And a very fast and challenging platform title at the Epic Store are waiting for you, and you need to hurry up

Perhaps the last time for the entire 2018 year, games that cost money in normal times are available for you completely free - if you act as soon as possible.

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The last four hours have remained a free distribution of the game of survival and psychological terror SOMA In the, In a file-less version and for a short free subscription (if you do not already have an existing user on the platform).

The title was originally launched in 2015 and received significant affection from the professional critics with an average score of 84 from 100 for the PC version of Metacritic, as well as an average score of 4.6 from 5 among players in the " herself. Its full price is 30 dollars, so getting it for free is a benefit you should not ignore.


Click here to go to the free distribution page of SOMA

Epic Games' new Epic Store continues their tradition of free distribution to subscribers or subscribers - and after the great Subnautica Which we told you first Also comes the turn of The challenging, bleeding and wonderful Meat Boy.

The Super Meat Boy was originally launched in 2010 by the well-known author of the revolving Roguelike, The Binding of Isaac, and offers over a dozen different characters with which to pass them at maximum speed, without crashing through the countless traps that await the end of each stage. Instead of the standard price of 300 dollars, you will get the Meat Boy Up to 10 in January for free and addicted to the experience - if you have not done so before.

Meat boy

Click here to go to the Super Meat Boy's free distribution page