The Mafia 3 game returns in a version without file protection

Title: Crime in an open world About a year and a half after it began to be sold for the first time, as part of a move that could be backed up by other manufacturers in the future

In October 2016 was launched with the game Mafia 3, accompanied by high expectations from all those who liked the previous pair of titles of the series - but with all goodwill, it seems that the work did not really meet expectations.

Average scores of less than 70 from 100 in Metacritic visitors and scores are even lower on behalf of players in the With complaints about various bugs, repetitive tasks and an open world that feels relatively empty have "sealed" the title's fate, and eventually led to a hangar in the Hangar 13 developer earlier this year.

Late Arrivals Better than non-arrival? Welcome to judge for yourself

Now, Mafia 3 has been released from the Arxan defense mechanism and even from the file system of - and musk in full version is free On the Which is usually seen mostly as modest Indie titles and titles from the distant past.

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There is no dispute that Mafia 3 has quite a few flaws and problems - but was it launched in a free version as long as 2016 could have changed its fate?

The release of this free version may not turn the Mafia 3 into a huge economic hit, but the game did jump to the top spot in the GOG sales charts (despite the relatively high price of 20 and 30) Which has cut half of the full cost), and gives hope that other manufacturers and distributors will realize that file-free versions are a legitimate way to maintain greater interest in long-term games, even if they come a little later after the original release in a protected version designed to make it harder to challenge the pirates .

Have you purchased the game? Planning to buy - or will nothing convince you to pay money for it?

Do you think any hacked game should be launched without a file protection, or is it a kind of misinformation and "gift" for those engaged in illegal distribution of these titles? Let's talk about it in comments.