New Steam Gaming Promotions (updated)

2 Update: Halvin 's Halloween Deals Maybe they're over, but just after them we get the weekend deals that include offers such as Tekken 7 at half the price, the Dragon Ball FighterZ battle game, assuming 60 percent, the Project Cars 2 racing title with a two-thirds reduction in its original price, And many others. Worth a look!

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Project Cars 2

updating: Quality offers are also available at the EA Games Origin Store - foremost among them 1 from 2016 at the price of 5 Euro only, with all the DLC packages available for free! In other words, a price of about NIS 25 gives you the full content package for this great action game. (Update - price of 1 has returned to normal unfortunately, but its extensions are still available free of charge to everyone).

Best deal for iphone 1 we've met so far

In addition, the chilling Dead Space series games are sold at tiny costs of EUR 2 only for the first installment and EUR 2.5 for each of its sequels - 7 Euro only for all of this brand's compositions.

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The favorite platform game Fe is available in half of its full price, 10 EUR, while the title of the humorous action Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is offered at the price of EUR 8.

The Alice platform game: Madness Returns is also sold at the price of 2.5 Euro only, and for dessert you can get the Inside Platform game at the price of 10 Euro.

Original article: Last day of mystery and horror games - and others - on the biggest platform in the field

Halloween may not really be part of our local folklore here in Israel, but that does not mean that we can not take advantage of the opportunities that this holiday provides - such as great games at discounts of tens of percent of their original price.

Varied discounts on Will be available to everyone until the end of the current day (Thursday, the 1 in November), so you should definitely take a look at the supply before all this is gone.

It's not one of the biggest and most comprehensive of the spies , But this is another great opportunity to definitely enrich your gaming package at a decent price

Dark Souls 3 The dreadful and hard-selling price of 53.25 is only new shekels - a quarter of its full price. Season Pass can also be purchased with the game's DLC supplements at the price of 44.5 New Shekels, or the Deluxe package that includes everything at the price of 90.6 New Shekels.

Dark Souls 3

Friday the 13th: The Game that lets you enter the shoes of one of the most famous movie villains, available at the price of 22.5 new shekels.

The Forest-Survival Game The Forest was sold for 49.54.

The Forest

Dying Light, one of the best zombie games out there, is offered in a complete package along with its DLC content including the great extension The Following at a total price of 74.23 New Shekels.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War, which no longer has micro-transactions with real money to our delight, is sold with a price tag of 57.78. In addition, the Definitive Edition along with all the DLC content created for the game is available at NIS 102.47.

The new game Hunt: The Showdown from the creators of the Crysis series is offered at the price of 66.75 new shekels, while still in the framework of its Early Access program.

Hunt: The Showdown

The intriguing role-playing game Vampyr launched a few months ago is offered at a reduced price of 127.26.

The Zombie Army Trilogy, the spin-off of the Sniper Elite series, is offered at a minimum total price of 34.

A package that includes all the games of the Spellforce series, which combines the world of role playing games into the world of strategy games and won a new third chapter earlier this year, can be purchased at 117.32.

The psychological thruster SOMA is dropping to its lowest price so far, with only NIS 22.2.


Title of the crazy action Shadow Warrior 2 is available at the price of 37.48 New Israeli Shekels.

The historical battle game of For Honor is available at a discount once more, when the base package can be yours for 39.53 New Shekels, and an expanded package with a larger number of heroes on 79.73.

As always - you are welcome to share with us more quality discounts that we have missed in our responses!