Learn the lesson? The next Need for Speed ​​game will not require a permanent network connection

After the disappointment with the episode that was launched a year and a half ago, with Are preparing to launch a new racing title this year, which will offer a softened approach to piracy protection

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Need for Speed ​​is one of the most luxurious games in the history of the field, with total sales of over 150 million copies in the 23 years since it was founded and dozens of different titles bearing its name - and yet it is undeniable that the present of this brand is definitely gray .

Frequent changes in the teams responsible for the development, changes in style and approach between title and title, increased competition from new racing titles and general fatigue caused by the launch of a new game every year led to a very significant fall in the popularity of the old and good NFS - Help to stop the avalanche, The 2015 model, which was launched after a rather long wait, was eventually greeted with coolness by visitors as well as by some of the players, who did not really flock to the stores to buy it.

You can think of a host of reasons for the decline in NFS from its largest in the previous decade, Have already decided what was their main mistake - and now officially declare that the new game in the series that is on its way to us will not include a requirement for constant connection to the network and the company's dedicated servers in order to operate.

This is a notice that many of those who purchased the The latter encountered it, and sometimes even more than once

Sometimes the need for a permanent connection to the net in titles, even in local single-player situations, is one of the most effective content protection mechanisms in the environment, which has helped several titles stay out of pirated sharing sites successfully for years. However, it is not difficult to understand why the players themselves, who bought the title at their best, are strongly opposed to this method, which effectively prevents access to the title wherever there is no Internet access and even disconnects from the game every time there is an online service interruption, even if only for a few seconds.

Need for Speed ​​2015 was one of those titles that required a connection at any given time, even when the player just wanted to experience the main feature situation for a single player, and although it did prevent his breakout and illegal distribution, it probably did not add credits to most of the community Gaming, and in the end, had a significant impact on its success-something that sounded reasonable enough given the early statement that in the next chapter we would no longer need a permanent connection to a remote server before there was any practical information about it. A reason to party for anti- That dragons? We'll see.

We really do not know how to assess whether the He is the one who failed the game - but we are nevertheless very happy about EA's decision to reduce it, to remove any doubt. Now it remains to be hoped that the content itself in the next installment of the series will be interesting, challenging and unique enough

EA has already announced that the new title will be launched this year, probably in the October-November months, hoping to enjoy the largest and warmest shopping period in the Western world, and we're going to have the fingers on both consoles and PCs, Previous. His first exposure is supposed to come much earlier, by the way: probably already during the EA Play at the beginning of next month, where he will also be joined Star Wars Battlefront 2, 18 and other products that the company plans to bring to us this year.

What approach and style will be best suited for What do you think illegal street races, professional track races or perhaps another title in the style of "cops and thieves"? Let us share your reactions.