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The game that eliminates the purchase offers with real money

Half a year after the launch and the many complaints - the creators of Middle Earth: Shadow of War announce the abolition of the aggressive micro-transactions that characterized it

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Very few games manage to find the fine and right balance when it comes to real-money purchases built into the title, or Micro-Transactions - and Shadow of War has so far been an example of the very problematic potential of this trend.

The promising sequel to Shadow of Mordor launched in October 2017 with a system of real-time digital equipment and fighters beyond the $ 60 dollars needed to purchase the game itself - when much of the game stages were developed and designed to make it very difficult to survive without having to rely on it The same "shortcuts" that gave players the chance to pay more and more money in the random add-on system.

Impressive and invested gameplay became almost impossible at times in its late stages - without the investment of extra money

Needless to say that Many did not like the updated and greedy approach of the creators and distributors, and this is reflected in, among other things, For Shadow of War, 76 stands at only 1% positive response, compared with 91 of positive reviews that Shadow of Mordor received from structured acquisition transactions.

The random nature of the acquisitions only angered the players more than games where real money purchases are well defined and finite

We don't have enough public data to directly compare the commercial success of these titles, but Monolith developer is officially announcing a major change of approach, with a plan to eliminate all real money purchase mechanisms within Shadow of War and change the game mode known as Shadow Wars Will be a big pressure lever as in the past for stocking up on extra items and resources. This will happen this July, along with other updates that should add additional Shadow of War capabilities, objects and activities - without the need for any extra gamers' fees.

A new way for the game, or is it too little and too late? In a few months we will know

The developer and distributor may have realized that as part of the quest to maintain relevance and interest in the work over time, particularly aggressive structured purchasing mechanisms must disappear - and select the most appropriate economic point to effect change and open the struggle for change in public opinion. Maybe this is a lesson here that will prevent other popular games from incorporating similar mechanisms in the future in the first place? We'll definitely keep our fingers crossed for that, and you?


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