Treasure Hunting from Another Planet: Borderlands 3 • HWzone Hardware Requirements

Treasure hunting from another planet: Borderlands 3 hardware requirements

Gearbox Software's successful series of action and big with new heroes - for updated system requirements

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In less than two weeks we will have one of the most talked about games of the year, despite being the fourth sequel to a series that has already celebrated a decade - Borderlands 3, bringing us back to a humorous and crazy world with countless different weapons, with a new star named Promethea and four new heroes to choose from.

Game titles from the title we have met so far show that the series' strange and addictive charm did not expire even after a rather long five-year hiatus - and now you can also make sure you have the right hardware to experience this world for yourself.

Gearbox's crazy brand skips to new star and brings us new heroes - but retains the unique style of its predecessors

The title's minimum requirements include the 7 windows system, the 8 windows system, or the 10 windows system in addition to the 6GB dynamic system memory, the FX-8350 sample processor of Or Intel Core i5-3570 sample, sample video card HD or 7970 sample GTX 680 - and 75GB are available for system storage.

System requirements sound sane, especially with respect to other notable new games that are due in the months remaining by the end of the year

Recommended requirements are not very monstrous (and are probably aimed at 1080p or 1440p resolution in optimum graphical settings, and not 4K resolution at 60 frame rate per second or higher) and include 16GB RAM memory RX 590 or card GTX 1060.

Borderlands 3 promises us a greater range of weapons than ever before and also an expansion of each hero's unique ability trees - and of course there are already plans for a large variety of feature DLC content that will try to recreate the successes the series has experienced in its previous incarnations

In addition to the requirements themselves, the creators have provided us with a breakdown of the various graphical options that will be part of the Borderlands 3 PC version - with an important option for adjusting the field of view in both "leg" and driving the various vehicles in the game universe, adjusting the size of the UI Depending on your personal preferences, support for FidelityFX technology For improved display quality without compromising performance, support for smoothing of edges with FXAA or TXAA technology and of course, support for display at every frame refresh rate unlimited.

It cannot be declared with certainty until we experience the final product, but it certainly seems that Borderlands 3 should come with a maturity level and high polishing for the players..

Borderlands 3 will reach Windows-based PCs and consoles And the PlayStation 4 in 13 in September, as well as one of the launch products for the streaming service When it launches first in November.

The formal requirements in one image are concentrated, as publicly circulated by the creators

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