Buy a game without protecting the discounted files from a huge selection - and get another free game

The fresh summer sale of the popular online store GOG offers an interesting concept, with every purchase wherever you win in the space game Rebel At no additional cost

We love games that come free, and those that come cheap - and it seems that GOG's new premises venture Combines these two together, plus the fact that the titles are defenseless , And those that can be installed without restrictions on any system you desire and at any given time.

Between prices About 1,500 Different games from the varied catalog of the digital store include several that should not be ignored.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, which can serve as a good substitute for Dark Souls titles for all those who have already exhausted them, is sold for 12 Dollars, which is a discount of 60 at full price.

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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

The wondrous Witcher 3, in the Game of the Year version along with its large pair of content extensions, is offered at half price - 25 dollars, for anyone who has not somehow tried it yet.

Several classic and high quality titles From the past are sold at the price of 4 dollars only - the original Dead Space, the first Crysis and its continuation Crysis: Warhead, open world title The Saboteur, the Dragon Age: Origins role playing game and more.

Isometric role playing in the classic style Torment: Tides of Numenera launched just a few months ago is offered at a discount of 30 percent, with a price tag of 31.5 dollars.

Title The Crazy and Terrible Action Shadow Warrior 2 is offered for a third of its price, for 26.6 dollars.

ShadowWarrior 2

The futuristic and challenging tactical action game Satellite Reign is offered at a massive discount of 85 percent of its price, with a cost of just $ 4.5.

The great tactical action game of the past SWAT 4, in the Gold Edition version along with its expansion pack, is sold at the price of 6 dollars.

As promised, with each purchase, of each game, even at the lowest cost - you will also get to your library the title of simulation and combat space favorite Rebel , Launched in 2015 by only a pair of developers, but also a key part of the creation of the first and legendary diablo games and the creation of a pair of Torchlight series games. Absolutely worth it.

Rebel Galaxy

New Games at Connect

In addition to the guide, GOG has also updated the titles available in the framework Their Connect project - which aims to provide users with file-defensible versions of titles that they have previously purchased on other protected platforms, in other words:.

This unique offer now includes over a variety of titles, including Brutal Legend, Reus, The Walking Dead, Season 40 and others, all you need to do is to link your To your account on the site , Which will prove ownership of those games that you can now download as a simple installation file. Not a breakthrough - but definitely nice for anyone interested in strengthening the creators who decide to trust consumers and give them a product without restrictions.

Please note that this offer is limited in time and will also be available only up to 20 in June

The Deals Of Will be available in the next two weeks, until Tuesday the 20 in June - so use them wisely and optimally. Successfully.