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Let's collect them all: three free quality games

The original article: The trend of free distribution continues to expand - and if you hurry you will be able to collect a handsome spoil fromAlso from And from the rival Epic Store

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UBSoft and the Humble Store are no longer alone - Three other online gaming platforms now offer an opportunity to enjoy the right title without paying for it at all, and we're here to make sure you do not miss out.

The greatest agility is required to demonstrate at the Steam store, where you can only get today (Wednesday, the 22 in May) Title of the races GRID 2 Of the free Codemasters company, with large discounts of up to 80 on the full range of DLC content created for it on the occasion of the celebration of the announcement of a new title in the series Ash will be launched this September. It is a very nice way to draw the attention of the audience to the event.

A complete package with all three GRID brand games and all the added content launched for them You will now have NIS 81.33 only - equal to all urban racing enthusiasts

At the EA Games store, you can celebrate with the game The Sims 4, Which is also available in its basic version until Tuesday, the 28 in May - all that is needed is an active account on the platform. This mega-successful life simulator will soon be celebrating its fifth birthday, and it appears that the landlady is interested in spurring the sales of countless DLC content and its expansion packages by increasing the overall user base.

Downloaded, installed and sold? Now EA will be happy to provide you with a very generous amount of paid plugins

Epic Games Epic Store has a week to add your digital library Stories Untold, Which is the latest proposal in a project that has been going on continuously for several months and aims to recruit more and more gamers to compete with Steam - and from tomorrow (the 23 in May) Play Rime Open World Free, as a bonus.

One free game available at Today, and if you have not yet been persuaded to join the service, tomorrow they will be two

updating: there's more! Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Is now also available free in the Steam Store, once available through the Humble Store site, while the promised Epic Store can also grab the great game Rime During the coming week. Thursday's various popular titles in all, within one week and all without having to pay even a shekel - this is undoubtedly a very successful period for the lovers of the seamline games.

2 Update: It is not over! Now the Humble Bundle Divides the adventure game and drives Jalopy, Which holds 78 percent positive reviews on, Free of charge - instead of a recommended price of 14 dollars. You have one day to take advantage of the offer, so hurry up.


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