Let's drown in Steam's game promotions for the second time in a month

Let's drown in the Steam Game Deals, the second time in a month

The biggest gaming platform of all is celebrating the end of the year with thousands , New and old

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חלק מהם כבר ראינו בעבר, חלק מהם אפילו מעט פחות קורצים מאלו שראינו בעבר, ולמרות זאת – בשורה התחתונה יש לנו Another big round Deals, In which you will undoubtedly find several titles that will convince you to withdraw your wallet and cash.

The current popular platform operation will take place in the next two weeks, until the 4 on January 2016, when in this case as well For winter operations Which we saw earlier this month, all the prices of the operation will be fixed and available throughout, without the various 'lightning discounts' to be hunted. So to make things easier for you, here are some of our hot recommendations as part of our current operations plan.


  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, one of the best titles of the year and probably even in the past decade, is available at a nice discount that brings its price to 40.2 dollars
  • Ashes of the Singularity, Stardock's ambitious real-time strategy game, which is now in the Early Access program and is supposed to be one of the first in the market to be launched with full, 12, available for 37.5 dollars
  • Axiom Verge, one of the best and most appreciated retro-platform games ever created, sold for 14 Dollar
  • A package that includes all the games and content packs of the original war-action title Mount & Blade will cost you only $ 9
  • The excellent Indie game Transistor is offered at 4 dollars only
  • Ryse: Son of Rome, the visually impressive action game of , Is offered for sale with a price tag of 6.8 USD
  • Mad Max, משחק הפעולה בעולם פתוח האיכותי של יוצרי Just Cause אשר הגיע רק לפני כמה חודשים, כבר נמכר בעבור שליש ממחירו המקורי – 20.4 דולר
  • The realistic action game ARMA 3 is offered at an extraordinary discount of 50 percent, which brings the price to 30 dollars
  • The unusual Early Access title and besiege is sold with a price tag of 5.6 dollars only
  • The nostalgic tactical role-playing game Satellite Reign is offered at 9.9 Dollars
  • לקינוח – Black Mesa, הפרוייקט האדיר שבונה מחדש את Half-Life המקורי במנוע Source עדכני ונמצא כעת בתוכנית ה-Early Access, נמכר ב-9.6 דולר בלבד

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You are, of course, invited to share with us and the rest of the surfers in equal deals that you encountered during your travels. Fun shopping!


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