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Let's get interesting games for free, only today (updated)

updating: The distribution of titles does not stop, and now the Humble Store lets you Also accept Spec Ops: The Line, One of the most surprising and mature war action titles created, is completely free. If you haven't played it yet - don't miss this chance.

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Original article: Three titles are free for all, provided you are quick enough to take advantage of the opportunity

We never oppose the games that offer us free of charge, and especially when it comes to popular games from well-known authors in the field - and at these times we have quite a few different suggestions that fit the description and await you to collect them.

The fastest action you should do at the Humble Store, where a free and quick registration will give you Access to the violent and surreal action game The Darkness 2 - Originally launched in 2012 and available through the Platform For Windows and MacOS at no cost (instead of a full price of 30 dollars) for the next 24 hours.

The Darkness 2

The Origin platform, which can also be subscribed for free, has been updated from One The House, which offers free titles from time to time - with Action Game Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault From 2004, considered by many to be the last successful chapter in the old brand. This offer will be valid for the next few weeks until it is replaced without prior warning in any other title.

Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

For dessert, at the Steam store itself, you can try your assassination capabilities As part of the second task of the latest installment of the Hitman series, And takes you to the fictional city of Spain. You can add this task to your digital library by April 3 - and it will remain yours for free as you complete and purchase the remaining chapters at a relatively low cost. Enjoy!

Hitman: Sapienza


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    1. The truth that I deleted after 10 minutes is spam,

      Unless you are playing for the story then it is something else already

  1. Didn't understand what Hitman gets?
    Is this a free expansion pack? Need to buy the base game first?

  2. I have a Samsung laptop stuck and do not want to go up. Interested in buying a new computer. How do I transfer files from where to resume.?

  3. I have the first chapter of the game from Christmas How do I add what is being distributed now (HITMAN)

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