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Let's get the company of Heroes 2 free, now at Steam (updated)

2 Update: Want more free games? There's no problem - in the next two days you can download and experiment for free In the Battle Royal mode of the Battlerite hit game, Which is currently in Steam's Early Access program, in the open beta of the title of the intriguing tactical action Insurgency: Sandstorm Which will be fully and officially launched at 12 in December, in the mass role game The Elder Scrolls Online Which is also available for purchase at half price to 20 in December - and In the new Danger Zone mode, Which is the version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive for the hot Royal Btl genre. Enjoy!

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updating: Steam added discounts on many of the titles nominated for the annual Game Awards, Including the title of the new battles SoulCalibur 6 Assuming 30 percent, the game platform challenging and excellent Dead Cells at a discount of 20 percent, title battles Dragon Ball FighterZ Assuming 60 percent of the full price, the successful JRPG game Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom at 50 percent of its price Original and so on.

The original story: Relic's famous strategy game celebrates its fifth birthday and is offered absolutely free to all users - plus more booty others

On a rainy rainy weekend like this, staying home and enjoying a proper game sounds like a good idea at all - and if you hurry you can do it with the title Company of Heroes 2 Who will send you to command the Russian military forces in the struggle against the Nazis during World War II, Free No Money.

Relic and Sega are celebrating the fifth birthday of the game in question and offer it to download and install completely free by Monday, when all DLC content for the game is offered at a discount of 75. The Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection, Which adds to the game the votes of the British, American and German together with new packages of missions, available at a total price of 27.12 shekels, to complete the comprehensive experience. Gaming is fun!

This title is technically five and a half years old, but when we receive it as a present we will be prepared to turn a blind eye to such inaccuracies

In addition to the free distribution, there are a variety of additional discounts at Steam this weekend, first and foremost Assassin's Creed Odyssey Which costs NIS 160.33, ie a discount of one-third of its original price exactly two months after it was first launched. Beside him You can also find discounts on the other series of games from UBSoft, With Rogue and Black Flag, which sell for 31.6, NIS 1, Syndicate for 63.6, Unity for NIS 40.36, and three 2D Chronicles, which were presented at the beginning of 2017 for a miniscule price of NIS 13.26 for each.

Title of current action Shadow of the Tomb Raider Has returned to be sold for 112.47 shekels, half of its original price - and there is now a trial version (or demo, if you will) free for those who are not convinced that there is a reason to invest this amount.

Real time strategy game Northgard, Which has now received a content update, is also offered at half price - 55.47 shekels.


The massive strategy and management game Stellaris Also available is the reduced cost - 56.3 shekels, which is a discount of 60 percent of the original price.

Far Cry 5 Yovisoft's ambition, which was presented six months ago, was cut to half its price - 119.5. also Far Cry 4 Offered at a low price of NIS 29.75 for those interested, whereas Far Cry: Primal Will cost you 49.75 shekels.

Title of Stealth Stealth Dishonored 2 Available at one of the lowest prices to date - 56.09 only, one-third of the full price.

For dessert, strategy game and tactics in turns Tooth and Tail Last year, which has received very positive reviews from the gamers, is now available for only NIS 18.48.

Tooth and Tail

A package of five great indie titles that have a significant model for unique and high quality boss fights, Which consists of Furi games, Souls, Dead Cells, Jotun and Absolver, is available for purchase at a total cost of ILS 136.78.

Great Metroidvania game Guacamelee! 2 Offered at a discounted price of NIS 55.46 - or in a package with Guacamelee! Gold Edition first for only NIS 57.46. Do not miss!

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