Like everyone else, and another: Battlefield V joins the Battle Royale madness

Along with the first real gameplay - we got the news that the hottest trend in the gaming world will not miss the old EA Games series

The announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 last month informed us, among other things, of joining the series to the popular online genre of Battle Royale, where dozens of players are "thrown" to a particularly large game map and fight with them Anything they could find on the ground, up to the last survivor. V, presented a few days later, did not provide a similar statement - and made us think that its creators reject the trend and do not intend to promote it. Or maybe it was?

As part of the EA Games public press conference at E3, we received an official message that " The new one will also include a new online game called Battle Royale - a simple neighborhood Royale, promising to be different from all the other offers already available on the network. There is no further details at this stage, except for the statement that this situation will contain a variety of tools , And an emphasis on annihilable environments and cooperation between actors (which does not necessarily constitute a basic requirement in other titles).

Also creators of Surrender to public opinion?

The first game videos of V, which were exposed in parallel to the exhibition, did not present the Royale situation, but they also presented small and interesting innovations to a formula familiar from 1, and received much more sympathy than the initial launch clip, which featured mostly pre-animated animations.

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In general, it seems that too The new and Call of Duty: Black Ops are trying to be interpreted as many groups of players as possible and provide something that will talk to everyone - both games will include modes Of their own in the hope of capturing some of the huge players of PUBG and Fortnite, but only as a secondary dish for other and more familiar game modes designed to suit older fans. Is this the safest recipe for success? This coming October we will find the answers.

The beginning was not ideal to say the least - but it seems that V is beginning to gain positive momentum among gamers