Line rectifiers: The Xbox One console is also available at a temporary offer price

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A week after Sony's announcement, too Joins it and announces the regular availability of its latest console at a reduced price for the next two weeks

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Game consoles continue to be one of the hottest products to buy during this shopping season at the end of the year 2015, and it seems that Sony and Microsoft are very interested that this trend will continue even now, after all the madness and chaos of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Munday We have moderated.

We saw Sonny Announces last week That the packages of the PlayStation 4 console with 500GB of up-to-date storage and play will cost only $ 300 dollars by the end of next week - and now it's Microsoft's turn to balance the battlefield and announce that the console- With a standard 500GB version but no game included, it will be available at a discount of 300 USD by Saturday, 26 in December 2015.

The discounted price is already available at Amazon USA, although unfortunately in the specific case, a direct order to Israel is not available, and an invitation to a third party cruise seems to be a bad deal, luckily, the situation in Amazon France is a bit more positive - And there you will find The console version 500GB plus the title Gears of War Ultimate Edition for about EUR 386 including tax and shipping to the country.


In addition, the console can be purchased in the 500GB version with the FIFA 16 game For about EUR 397 Including tax and shipping to Israel, the 1TB console with the game Forza Motorsport 6 For about EUR 397, And the 1TB version with the Rise of the Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider games For about EUR 417, When in all cases the costs are very competitive to those found in Israel. Enjoyable shopping!

Prefer PS4 or Xbox One? Now is the time to decide
Prefer PS4 or One? Probably now is the time to decide