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A few polygons, a lot of soul: the game Dusk is short of praise

The title of the new action feels like a combination of some of the greatest nineties, and Harari has his own sympathy for both the actors and the critics

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The genre of retro games, designed to look, to be heard, to feel and to play like games from the distant past, is found almost everywhere in the present era - but few titles succeed in being superior to their inspiration, creating their own identity that distinguishes them from competitors From the past and from the supply of the present. Dusk is a game that succeeds in this mission in a big way, it seems.

The first-person action game was created mostly by one person, beginning with 2015 and through an intermediate stage that gave early purchasers access to the first chapter of the title, an entry into the Early Access program, And finally a formal and full launch now, with 33 steps in total, ten different weapons and an online game mode for 16 players together.

Quake's lost brother?

Dusk was developed based on the popular Unity engine and designed to be as similar as possible to the popular action games of the 1990s, including Heretic, Hexen, Quake, Redneck Rampage, Blood and of course (With a combination of certain concepts from Half-Life) - all models were created using a minimum number of polygons to look rough and basic, and the environments were given a minimum color range that characterized the 8 bit assemblies from the past.

The creator described the need to "fight" the Unity engine to allow the game to look so basic and ancient

The look may be minimalist, but the content itself seems to be particularly successful: Dusk is highly acclaimed for its fast and challenging playfulness, giving the player a real sense of power lacking in quite a few modern action games - and the main advantage is the design of the stages, with large and varied environments that are not linear but consist of many levels, Surprises and secrets that give a reason to go back and play again and again.

The basic idea for creating the game came somewhere in the middle of the previous decade and seems to be a period A long practical process of three years contributed greatly to the maturation of the final product to a high level

Dusk holds an average of 90 reviews from 100 on the Metacritic site, making it one of the top five titles for the entire 2018 year on personal computers - and a huge 97 percentage of positive reviews on X- Only reinforces the success story. The division of Dusk into different chapters in appearance and approach gives us a theoretical possibility of seeing continuity for it, and now with all the praise we get, we certainly hold our fingers to the fact that it will happen.

Enthusiastic? Dusk is currently sold in the Steam Store for only NIS 62.16, Making it quite easy for those seeking the most concentrated and successful nostalgia.

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