Battlefield Hardline: Life in the Movie (Crime)

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Visceral Games and EA gave representatives from a number of sites across the network an opportunity to experience and experiment with the single-player feature within the titleThe only one) Of the veteran 2015 series.

The reactions, so far, are surprisingly good - the participants have reported a plot and gameplay that is a refreshing change from the military madness that characterizes the series games generally, with the possibility of subduing opponents by means of non-lethal means, the emphasis on guns and other small weapons, stealth mechanics, These join familiar elements of Such as using first-aid kits, giving a score for every action you take More or less, etc.


Hardline Will be coming to the stores this coming March, so we can see whether Visceral Games has been able to recreate the beautiful days of the Battlefield: Bad Company, who have been able to offer both a single player and an addictive multiplayer multiplayer.