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Meet the top games of the year, according to Steam

The leading gaming store offers us the titles that every game enthusiast must meet, according to five different categories

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As in 2016, also the year of 2017 Wins its own official conclusion In the game platform from Wallab Company, which tells us what the leading games in the service - for the benefit of all those who did not follow developments continuously.

The best list of the year is divided into best-sellers in the entire 2017, by four different categories of platinum, gold, silver and ard, the most popular games each month, the most popular virtual reality games, the successful games Most released during the year from the renowned Early Access program and fully launched - and the games with the most players playing at the same time, with division by 100,000 players or more, 50,000 players or more, 25,000 players and 15,000 players.

The best Offer it here

In some of these categories you won't find too many surprises - games like Dota 2, Counter Strike: GO, 5 and of course the giant PUBG are leading the indices, but it can be argued that names such as Ghost Recon: Wildlands or Divinity: Original Sin 2 that appear alongside them as two of 12's best selling titles of the year are a pleasant surprise that we would not have been able to predict in advance.

PUBG deserved to have its own category - but would settle for being at the top along with eight other games

The list of big hits coming out of the Early Access program for access to works that haven't finished their main development can be mentioned as the refreshing Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, Road Redemption which was a resurrection of a modest game from the 1990s and Darkwood that was offered at the same time completely free by developers through the BitTorrent network (For the benefit of all those who can't afford his purchase) Most notable - while in the VR category are Fallout 4 in its virtual reality version which was launched only in early December, the game based on the Rick and Morty series and the Tilt Brush app of For free-style painting.

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So who are the games of the year for you in the library Your personal, and do they also appear in the summary of the service itself, or belong to the "marginalized" who are not deserved recognition and love? Let's share in the comments.

Do not confuse the above lists with prizes distributed at About two weeks ago - based on the votes of the users themselves

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