Summer is coming: huge discounts are waiting for you at the GOG store

updating: Please note that in the next eight hours you will be able to get another free quality game at the GOG store, which is approaching the last days of its summer discount project: Action-fantasy game refreshing first-person Ziggurat Just waiting for you. Do not miss the opportunity.

Original article: The online store without file protection began its summer campaigns before the rest of the competition with over a thousand titles at a reduced price - and an addictive one that is available free of charge to anyone who will hurry up

There are those who are already here for summer - and they offer you to buy quality games at low prices. You are invited to explore the deals at the popular online store Which will be available in the next two weeks, and enjoy a free distribution of the retro-modern Xenonauts strategy game.

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Free, quick registration on the store's website, or sign in to an account you already have Will allow you to accept the game launched in 2014, As an alternative innovation of the early XCOM games, at no cost at all - instead of the original price tag of 25 dollars. Do not miss this time limited opportunity.


Alongside the free deal there are many interesting discounts, as stated: The Elex Futuristic Action Game launched last year was sold at half price, 25 dollars.

Tyranny's revolutionary isometric role playing game is available in less than half its full price, 15.3 dollars.


Braid's adventure, platform and thinking game The Witness can be yours for 16.

The game of violent and humorous Shadow Warrior 2 is available at the discount of 60 percent of its original price, 16 dollars.

ShadowWarrior 2

The classic Nox action-action game is available at a funny cost of just 90 cents.

Dungeons 3, the latest in a series of spiritual heirs to the Dungeon Keeper, is sold at 20. If you want to get nostalgic feelings with the original you can do that too - the original Dungeon Keeper and its sequel are available in dollars and half each.

Role-playing game Battle Chasers: Nightwar is offered at half price, or 15 dollars only.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Age of Wonders 3's successful strategy game is sold at 7.5 Dollars.

If you decide to purchase some of the games on the platform, you can enjoy more free extras - a total investment of 5 dollars will give you access to the unique Sunless Sea survival game, while shopping at 20 Dollars will also give you the favorite adventure game Rime. For dessert, we recommend that you also check out Updated game list In the GOG Connect project - which offers you to get unprotected copies of titles that you already own . Gaming is fun!