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Microsoft's nostalgia is coming to perfection

After the husband- Over the 200, 360 available to them with the click of a button - now comes the donor of first selected titles from an even older era

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Miss the original Xbox console days, for some reason? Now you no longer have to settle for just your memories - first 13 titles from Microsoft's first saloon gaming stand are officially available for purchase at the company's online store, for $ 10 each (you can also base your original disk, if it still exists, and get it Free) and with modern compatibility that includes increasing the display resolution (Upscaling) by 4x compared to the original in The usual, and 16- X on the way.

Microsoft makes it clear in advance that we will not be able to see an impressive amount of back support in the titles As we see in the case of 360, mainly because quite a few of the works come from keys or distributors that no longer exist, based on invalid or lost contracts and licenses - but in this case, more titles will probably be added to the support list from time to time, so even if the current supply is not really Meeting your expectations is not worth losing hope yet.

More titles will come in the future, but do not expect a huge and full selection

The 13 games that are already available for purchase and play in the store today include some relatively weird choices such as Fuzion Frenzy, Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Dead to Rights that were never considered as well-remembered classics of the system, although there are some pretty interesting offerings of games that you'll find difficult to find Other - such as Black's favorite action game, adventure and flight game Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge and Ninja Gaiden Black the boxer.

A significant improvement in display sharpness, although this is not a particularly big challenge, considering that in the 1920s, The original most of us still had plump CRT TVs

Together with the launch of the original and massive Duke controller, The original, there is no doubt that Microsoft is providing another packet here Sweet to all who loved the great and powerful console that was introduced to it somewhere in 2001 and began the love story of the Windows developer with the gaming market. We are definitely in favor of this initiative - even if the $ 10 price tag is too expensive for us.

It was only left to stock up on the revamped Duke controller - and feel like you're back in 2002 again

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